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Bartolomej was a pyrotechnician who was 'gifted' with the ability to burn almost everything he wanted with his arms, and was also capable of throwing fire through them. In his 22 years he found himself lost at Iriy, near one year after he found out his beliefs on the gods to be true, after meeting Svarog and Perun. Under the darkness of Veles' domain, misled by the beautiful voice of Alkonost, he would live in the wilderness through wolves, just like his most remote ancestors. Finding out on Svarog's calling (wolf shepherd) his manner to survive, he was also touched by a spiritual reformation.

Even though a great ally of Triton, his views on nature were quite different. Once living with the wolves, he broke up al the human privileges he had, by turning back on his civility and by it a society which lives only by names and labels. Eventually, Dazbog would return to Occidental Civilization, through a crisis in the country of Teutonia. There, he'd find that his Pagan Friends and the squatters were long gone, dissolved, or co-opted by right-wing lunatics. His way of living, then, nomadic, would be met with the Chthonian Triton and together with internationalist Lanzo they would certainly uncover the truth behind the state and corporations' relations.

State and corporations, robbers of life, always mate in their most preferred hotel: Church. A seven-headed monster, full of branches and supporting 'missionaries', volunteers of corruption, it doesn't matter if it is eastern or western, it is a sole tool for domination and parasitical power-sucking purposes.

Armed with the Xnobius' based Flare Axe, a weapon used  by Svarog, Khan, Lumen Draconis the Templar among others, and with the Perun's Axe, plus his fiery abilities, he's ready to take down the usurpers of land, freedom and will of people. Planning no longer to restore what was lost, but to make come forth something a new, the revolution he, Lanzo and Gustávos the Chthonian Triton plan no longer comes from the bases and talks, but rather by individuals and their lives, tired of being food for demons, food for state, enterprise and church alike, all branches and arms of a single ugly face of power.
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