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DAZBOG "Son of Svarog", bearer of the Kolovrat (little Sun) Insignia, is a recurrent character in the Apkallu Mythos.
A natural and talented arsonist, he spent half of his life in the urban centers, half in the wilderness. As much time planting and playing on trips (hunting, sometimes) as burning down enemies. Now, he no longer hunt animals - his new "monsters" to kill are already known: Priests, Bureaucrats, Aristocrats, Representatives, Sycophants, Co-opters, all kind of political and military plague there is to suck other's lives.

Once un-certain of the nature of his power, at this point he already understands it: As a human (name of birth: Bartolomej) bonded to an ancient Djinn (a light being, in this case, Dazbog himself), he's the last hope his kind have to face Human Automation and its eventual erasing of minds. As he declares, "I've just never doubted about the Gods", it becomes clear to him that his pre-disposition to live and protect his communities, even when scorned by it, were the actions of Gods in a manner to keep safe all the history of their ancestors. History of which his enemies are likely to have re-written, ignored, hidden and destroyed.

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