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Bartolomej is a 19 year old guy who has a strange phenomena on his arms. They easily burn anything when he gets angry, and he can throw fire from them at any time.

Having manifested this power has made him a pyrotechnician, but at the mean time, he found alternative ways to survive in a civil war-torn State. Allying himself with a group of radicals, he follows up the path of "his ancestors", that is, his native faith and the cults of the old gods. Firmly believing they have gifted him with these powers, he's been the salvation for neo-pagan groups in a state where churches are both a profitable market and center of the most dirty corruptions.

With his powers, he's done quite few acts, but he has already acquired the title of "direct descendant" of Svarog himself. His reputation made him grow in these ranks through the codename "Dazbog", even though many despise him (maybe because of his still young age, some try to manipulate his actions or are too afraid of the direction he's been lately).

As he joins the Greek Triton in a mission to desintegrate a certain sect of corrupt priests, together they forge other alliance, and together secure the weapon market from Eastern Europe's outskirts. Understanding the State is fooling his former group with a nationalist talk, he realizes once and for all his Gods doesn't need to side with any state, but with their people. And who exactly their people are is a subject to the connection to their land, its nature and wildlife.

This time, with the Triton by his side, he uses his power "spiritually guided", rather than wasting his time with the bureaucracies of political parties. As a bodyguard to Triton and vice-versa, they gather a commune in the far away East, where they will make their plans to tomb the corrupt Church of the Holy Inquisition.

Leading to a more Anarchist-guided way of leadership, the Triton and Dazbog makes a check-mate over the influence of the Minotaur Miredrinn, who not only loses his connection to the Triton but also loses room to entice wars on these states as the "losing-side" is more effective this time, in a way that is possible even to end the civil war. By this way, the Minotaur's time grows short as the United Nations makes pressure in requiring "advancement" in his works.

If it depends on Dazbog, the flames of the Old Gods will be alight forever, without interference of mortals and their petty politics. If it depends on the Triton, however, he'll make sure the present power falls down and open room to a brand new one...
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