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    After a long month, an attempt to illustrate what it'd be like a conflict between an Alpha-Omega AXIS Agent (in the case, Melissa Walker - Agent KAPPA, the runner girl with the laser lasso, energy chain and trustworthy gun) and a "demon, hybrid, melez, alien, strange organism, xenobiotic-aberration". Which demon? Our very own protagonist, the Triton of course! But wait - - It's a teenage boy =O
What happenned to the Triton? Who IS the Triton? Kappa seems to have the answer.

This is part of the APKALLU Universe. AXIS is a private initiative seeking to hunt down, capture, study or simply eradicate "demons" from the surface. They employ the Alpha Omega suits (named after the Greek Alphabet), adaptable armors with singular awesome powers to a special squad within the institute. Most of the Alpha Omega users are young adults, given the process of symbiosis requires time and is better studied when the agent has "evolved" altogether with its usage (giving hints the suits not only give them power - but change their physics and maybe their psyche at some point).  

    This take place in 2010, after many attempts at the Triton's life, such as the solo assault as he was searching another enemy in a Black Sea Coast, or a semester later in the Spanish Mediterranean. Much happenned in the time which elapsed after that, only 16 members of the original Alpha Omega still survived or remained, their terms with UN were uneasy and they were as good as a mercenary league, their enemies hardly differing if demons or humans, since those were worldwide known to be working in corroboration. Amidst the heavy scenario, it was clear each faction represented a political interest. The Triton did came as far as to risk his life for the Minotaur Miredrinn Flannagan Taurin, who was accused of human trafficking. The sole reason for that was that he was hiding them in places no one would know - his "enprisonment" (much likely an execution) would just spill the same oblivion on his human cargo, who would die of hunger, die of thirst. But Triton's pursuers never listened, right...

    Kappa was in such eventful happenning, and already stroke by the disappearance of her brother counting up to a month, she was heavily influenced by the heavy atmosphere, the recent resurfacing of her parents (absent to her and her brother in daily life, faking their care now he vanquished) just counting up to the constant reminder of the fact he was no longer there by rumours going wild on AXIS. The Triton handled the Kappa suit (which Lance used in his last mission, when he found out that by using OMEGA he changed his own so he could use all armors) back to Agent RHO, who in turn was puzzled by the happennings. On occasion they'd have teamed up with the Triton to take on the much more menacing "Akh" Demon species (yeah, the demons have their own political strata humans have no exposure to) whilst saving green areas of the continent from a desertifying heat wave which was unnaturally induced by Fire Lords.
What happenned between that and Lance's disappearance was mystery. But if so-called intelligence fantasized about something as important for Melissa, she'd take her own chance to reach for the truth behind the curtain of lies. The event which had Miredrinn free of constrainments, was marked by an eventful uprising and property damage in nowhere other than Wall Street, which brought more than media coverage and immediate response from security, but paved a theatrical role for the reveal of the same Fire Lords as "Saviors of the Day", starting a new era of cooperation between United Nations and Haijian. They were winning the information war, and in one shot brought more precise, obvious and alarming political agendas to oblivion. 
    Behind its blue scales and organic golden armored exo-skeleton, there was a joint venture between the keen intellect of a young Minoican (Minoica is a bit like our world's Greece) high schooler and the audacious sly, cunning and cruelty of a seasoned warrior, even though, with bit of an amnesia (understandable when you got to live ten thousand years - even more plausible when the last thousand you spent 'sleeping' with nightmares and dreams around you), the famed Odysseus, a former Triton himself who, due to age, became a tiny kratozoa (think of it as an eel-like parasite, much like those cnidarians who becomes polyps again), whose only choice of surviving was living in symbiosis with a vertebrate (or chordate, but amphioxus aren't really larger than a kratozoa), so this vertebrate gains Triton features and houses his old mind. For his luck (or not) he found (was found by, actually) a human!! Or that, or he could find an available "Spartoi" body, genectically engineered "hollow" Triton bodies which could just wake from the egg stage once a Kratozoa entered it, fusing to its nervous system.
    Ever since, morphing between his human self and his Triton form, Gustavos Mauros (Gous for short, Gus in our anglicised language) done what he could, learning about his powers of weather alteration (which happens as the effect by the common use of "poles", his staff and of his Orichalcum conch) to his own cause - undiscriminately preserve the environment, and more importantly, those who reside in it. He's got different mentors along the way, veteran Tritons such as Asclepius which may be just in his 100th borrowed body, or Coelacanth (Hollow Spine), who as the name indicates, is no longer Triton (has no kratozoa), nor human - a Glaucean between the two, he's immortal and diferently of Odysseus, got his two feet to walk.   

    In the events which had Lance "disappearing", it was his own wit which betrayed him and put him in the contend between Miredrinn and the Triton. Miredrinn used to be Triton's mentor and ally, but Triton never believed others blindly, nor Miredrinn tried to manipulate him eagerly. Competing over the freedom of entire populations or the mere "replacement" of them from endangered frontlines to agonize in servile lives of stranger new lords, the tectonic shift ensued in the battle (arguably caused by their respective hidden element weapons) called forth "preventive" intervention from elemental gods, one in specific to be sure. One which was actually the founder of AXIS despite not known as such. As the titanic battle ensued, a magnetic field disruptor was operating. Triton's got back of the sea. Miredrinn of the human cargo. Lance got behind the elemental and cherishing for the coastal city's safety, stood aganst the demon behind AXIS. Ironically, he disappeared in a flash. The elemental's huge body dismantled, yet it was clearly not his end. All which followed was a scrutiny between Triton's allies, the people Miredrinn wished to sell and his own supporters, as to which their next move would be. Lance's both appearance and subsequent unexplainable sudden disappearance was a nuisance they didn't count. Obviously AXIS would craft a narrative around it.

       Not much after, Odysseus took in consideration what Asclepius secretly proposed. Odysseus would stick back to his own wits, needs, desires, find something in the world to do. Restless to the political scenario of the world "Tredius" as he knew it, he'd go to the mythical (in a reverse logic, since Helladeas was an early colonizer of Tredius, it's population regarded it both as the 1st World - surface - and the 2nd - its depths - from which by deepening further beyond they'd wash ashore in this mysterious no man's land, the 3rd World - a story that dated several millennia ago, and since they've grown apart and distinctively, hints to the story maybe be preserved carried in such etymology) "First World", where differently of this world, the Tritons, despite few in units, were better regarded (albeit ongoing tests to artificially create Tritons be an increasing demand).
      But that fell short, as somehow the group's incursion in Helladeas was previewed. Miredrinn's supporter wasn't only a human husk, it was the elemental of water, who was both vengeful for Odysseus and careless for his host, the Gus kid. Asclepius made sure Odysseus would take over a hollow Spartoi body, whilst Gus would retain his powers through the release of the Kratozoa he had kept in his Asklepian Staff. That brought to Gus no "symbiosis" of mind other than absolute control of Triton's every action and autonomous capability to morph in the Triton. Silence in his mind at last. Odysseus was tired of the fate operating in his life, and defiantly, he proposed his Kratozoa to be forged in Gus' Scissor Staff. It would increase his weather control skills. Through time he realized the important thing to take in matter are rather Gus' "here and now" than living for his own views of a family that was long gone, whose idealization could only spill lies over memories. Apatethic to the world, he parted from it with good terms. But while it would cease their business from Helladeas, Gus sought to avenge him and tried to engage against the Elemental of Water.
       He found out this elemental didn't control Helladeas - it was Helladeas, or at least the entirety of the water mass around it. His only escape would be using something powerful enough to break his veil of Daimobia and get back from the way he came, a portal. Water Dragon Charon helped him, lending him a relic which stood among Minotaur Treasure - The Moon Eye of Horus. Gus made it safe back home, albeit later than his allies expected. Grown himself apatethic to the world, he tried to rebuild his original intent by reconnecting with the Earth. 
    One couldn't blame the young Gus from getting so lost of his surroundings. He traversed a world to another and may have spent a month in an alien culture (yet shockingly similar to our ideals), have talked to a Triton who used to be his "second mind" for a year, looking he walk beside him, only to have him disappearing forever. He was in deep subjectivity. Trying to reconnect to the land or sea he cared about, the enormous globe we call earth, made a distinct approach as he got to see that he tried to define it better, with sharper angle. If those "elemental gods" could afflict changes in nature, why would they simply abandon sentient beings to their fate... Such power shouldn't exist other than a mere idealized "allotment of fate", for they had no responsibility. He was an skeptical in the brink of an absurd truth, until he relaxed and shifted from Triton back to his human self, under some Australian township in desert regions. He was sighted!
    Agent Kappa took her armor under no circumstance and escaped with it, AXIS being on track yet eating her dust. As she witnessed the Triton becoming a feeble human, one she barely recognized (she used to work as a civillian in an alternative coffee shop, where the young boy would go a time or two - she didn't remember him as he remembered or rather never forgot her). Eager to shoot, she held back and preemptively stroke a lasso attack at him. He quickly dodged, and angrily armed, threw a bolt or two - he had the weather powers despite in human form. Odysseus didn't lie, he's given him more power than ever. As AXIS seemed to approach, Kappa dropped her gun, turned off her visual, took off her helmet (fully revealing her identity as Melissa Walker) and proposed a truce. He was tired, shocked, and relented to her voice.

    Kappa was aware that, despite that boy being the same Triton who killed some significant percent of human population last year, he couldn't have possibly killed Lance and just drop his armor, the armor she wears now to a third figure, Kai, as all three of them were known to the "kid". Much was ongoing, and as just as Agent Lambda would hear his version four months ago, skeptical Melissa Walker was hardly believing it. Lance disappeared, there was no explanation for that. But time would tell. They'd meet again as both knew a part or two of what was to follow. A "demon leakage" such as what happenned a year ago was to happen as planned by a secret enemy, which was even a common enemy now, but at any time could turn into the newest contractors of AXIS. She kept her guard raised, and she just couldn't fathom her last four years were a lie. But somehow... she felt relieved to know that.
One thing was certain: AXIS would cease its activities.

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