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Asclepius lives today as a Triton and serves as a mentor to Gustávos, teaching him how to use his Triton powers and how to "be one with nature" while doing it. He also healed Gustávos when Molokh split Odysseus from his conch. He shifted his Caduceus into an Asklepian, sacrificing one of the heraldic snakes of his staff to make sure Gustávos would still be able to use his powers.

Asclepius lived from at least 40 centuries to this day, and all that is known about his origins is that he worked with Apollo and Abaris in the Delphi district of Helladeas. While his master Apollo crafted the Caduceus of Light (Kerikeyon), he was responsible for developing the Asklepian.

Based on the nature of the plants and their exchange with the purest essence of aetherial life (oxygen) and on the relation of the "daimobia" (to which the Triton live in symbiosis through Orichalcum conchs), Asclepius discovered a purest substance of life to which attracted the daimobia and transformed them into elves (photosynthetic, autotrophic and auto-sufficient beings).

With his goal to find a way to turn Tritons auto-sufficient, he searched for manners to manipulate such substance (known by lizard-men as "Teyoliatl"). So, from the groves of Delphi, grave to the primordial Drakaina Python, he followed the path the elves shown him. Once embarking on this journey, he encountered on the Western sea of Helladeas the Island of the Blessed, Elysian, where millions of snakes dwelt on flooded gardens.

When finding out that these "Umu" Snakes were actually Tritons that passed their lives searching to return to the earth or to find new bodies to inhabit, he began questioning the capabilities of his master's Caduceus and his Asklepian. Decided to find out the truth, he travelled across Parnassus, where he met Sophia.

After his motivations were tested by her, he earned the fruit of Immortality (Ambrosia) and as well he became a disciple of her divine truth. Sophia taught him that all the primordials (six in number) had an immortal substance (different whether on light or darkness) running on their veins, and since the Nine who came into being began studying and creating new species, such substance began to dissipate as generations passed.

All who tried to control these substances were but victims of an ironical paradigm - they had energies inside their bodies capable of letting them live forever - but to do so, they needed to feed on others' energies. That happened because the creations of the Nine were susceptible to fade by the Four deadly Streams, poisonous substances that Hydros took of Khaos' carcass and spread across his element (water).

From this point forward, the creatures developed many manners to kill and extract each others' breath (through vampirical ways or by consuming their flesh), and thus started the famous "Great Hunt" Era, which followed the plans of the Nine, including the Master of Air (Aether).

Instead of finding any way contrary to the Nine or to Olympians (subjects to the Nine), Asclepius became obsessed of using his Asklepian to shift other species into Tritons and thus into Umu Snakes (their immortal parts). From this day, many heroes came to be, like Perseus, Herakles, Kastor and Pollux, among others, sharing human and Triton powers. However, most of them were used by the political interests of the Olympians.

It was around 27 centuries prior to the day that Asclepius himself was reduced to an Umu snake, and once he did so, he began passing on his teachings to others, just like Chiron, a Vovin who accompanied him on travels during his exile. However, he learnt more than taught the day he had symbiosis with Pythagoras. The end of Pythagoras' life, by the hands of a local tyrant, only fueled Asclepius' desire to reach not only immortality, but perfection.

Believing not all were deemed for immortality, he would need to make someone become a Triton and unleash its true powers, becoming not susceptible to the poisonous streams neither to disease or illness. This one would be the role model to a new Aeon, a fit new species to guide nature.

However, there was much he would find out later he wouldn't reveal even to his closest allies. The development of the Asklepian as a source of immortality was just the beginning of an even greater plot. So, his plans are still shrouded in mystery even for Gustávos, who still sees him as a paternal figure with a good will.
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