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Mighty Abaris the Hyperborean, a Jotunn descendant of Thule's inhabitants, rushes into action with his magical wand, a Panacean construct powered by a Drakaina's Kratozoa. Able to travel in darkness and light through this powerful "Sekhem-Scepter" (a class of weapon which uses a 'black diamond', an immortal pineal gland imbued with a self-generated 'hidden element' - in the case of his wand, the element is Panacea 'the channelizer') in the shape of an expansive wand, and with a Serapel-based dagger (yet another hidden element), in order to don't be sucked by the wormhole he generates with the latter.

Pioneer in studies of these hidden elements, he travels and knows many places out there, and is reputed to don't need to eat anything at all to live, contradicting his kind's foolish appetite for flesh. This power may have anything to do with his power of travelling through dimensions, which connect a place to other, leaving him in a second length  trance state in the visible world.

Participated in many councils, in the Delphic Order (and was expelled from the same by having supposedly helped the Telchines into creating six powerful sekhem scepters that unbalanced Tredius' already messed up hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere in general) and even in the Resistance movement against the Xiuhcoatl Empire, the "Rebellion".

He has many stories and knowledge and is featured in the Apkallu Mythos by the half of its events.
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