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This is part of the APKALLU Universe. Chronologically it happens in it's second year, by the events which came to be known as Odyssey.
AXIS is a private initiative seeking to hunt down, capture, study or simply eradicate "demons" from the surface. Demons such as Apkallu's protagonist. However, that doesn't make them "villains", just antagonists by occasion. They employ the Alpha Omega suits (named after the Greek Alphabet), adaptable armors with singular awesome powers to a special squad within the institute. Most of the Alpha Omega are young adults, given the process of symbiosis requires time and is better studied when the agent has "evolved" altogether with its usage (giving hints the suits not only give them power - but change their physics and maybe their psyche at some point). This is so far their greatest challenge.

To better understand the setting, the following links introduce previous missions which led to this one:
BLACK SEA - A response to a mission from Morocco to Lybia, this ranged across Turkey, Syria and Lebanon
SCYLLA & CHARYBDIS - Two missions in the Mediterranean, one from the Aegean to Mallorca, the other around Gibraltar and as far into Atlantic as Cape Verde
BULLFIGHT III - Nicknamed to the intent of securing transportation of a demon - further details and implications on description
ATLANTIS - A mission which is on-going by the rate this begins

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Definition of SCIROCCO (weather phenomena which gives the mission it's name):
It arises from a warm, dry, tropical airmass that is pulled northward by low-pressure cells moving eastward across the Mediterranean Sea, with the wind originating in the Arabian or Sahara deserts.[1] The hotter, drier continental air mixes with the cooler, wetter air of the maritime cyclone, and the counter-clockwise circulation of the low propels the mixed air across the southern coasts of Europe.     

    Once or twice, the main concern of AXIS' Agents throughout the year of MMIX was the capture of worldwide famous phenomenon "The Triton", an intricate specimen of demon with weather changing abilities and a complex psyche, knowledge to human traditions and customs, believed to be politically involved in a conscripted conspiracy between mafias and insurrections. Parallel to that, demonic activity further increased under regions historically associated with the controversial Trans-Sahara trade. Motives such as that erupted in mass movements and political shifts in the Arab Communities. Displaced peoples were introduced in immigration projects, but they couldn't be properly brought to safety, given the Mediterranean waters were either in massive surveillance or free to the likes of pirates and smugglers in special administrative zones of neglective nature.
    AXIS played a pivotal role to identify the demons, but had a hard time distinguishing it from within thought-to-be strict human activities, leading to some ethnic and racial tension go as far as to the delicate situation between Northern and Southern Chad, or amidst the Tuareg and Berber. With time, it's intel appointed a major spot of activity from June until to October, when demons dubbed Akhs began to "erupt" from separate spots in Lake Chad, Lake Victoria and the Black Sea. Through months, they were wandering in the deserts from the Téneré, Sahara, Syrian, Arab, to the Caucasus and eventually to Karakum, Gobi, Kyzyklum and Taklamakan, reaching and trespassing multiple strategic no men's lands. Waves of carnage concerning native population were more or less sketchly associated with them as with separatist movements in Southern Russia. A joint between the EAEU and Haijian (海监 - see it as a China which effectively claimed Tibet as it's own and disposes of exclusive nuclear energy in the form of the element of Xnobius, effectively adopting it throughout the turn of the Millennium) dealt with the demon contingent and managed re-organization of the populaces in the between, letting the United Nations out of it, since it's frontal attack proved obsolete as management of a 'new' species (they repue to have lived among pre-historic peoples until sometime of Egyptian New Kingdom, and scarcely across Europe among Celts, and among the Avars and later the Tatars - how did they end up underground remains a mystery and their claims seems obnoxious. Cryptic appearances around the "Pacific Rim" couldn't be proved.
    In a chapter in the Black Sea, Ukrainian intelligence has issued information that these demons were being militarized and this was of overall International concern. Alongside that, the Triton has been spotted fighting with them, leading in a majoritarial belief that the event was like a demon gang war, since the Triton has been connected to a mysterious figure, the Minotaur, whereas he was demon or not, he was a low-profile member of two or three mafias and was being wanted for war crimes and slavery since the late 90s, in cloudy connections dishonestly associated with autonomous separatist groups. Captured in December whilst traversing covertly in the Pacific, his judgement (or rather investigations concerning his current possessions) was a confidential matter. His trial was hit by a change of events in January MMX, as from within peaceful protests a "reprisal of Seattle" happenned non-stop in an unthinkable scenario in a place of great financial magnitude as in Wall Street.
    By time, Haijianese special forces were introduced to the public, and whilst they failed to capture the Minotaur which broke free to public knowledge, they issued a major cooperation which was promiseful in finding missing demons, concerning a relation between them and the exclusive element they acquired. By time the controversial Haijianese government, which often passed behind human rights' matters, suddenly revised such claims under a new distinctive policy towards the demons they've segregated and surrounded in "special zones", mostly in Inner Mongolia, Tibet, and even so in Manchuria and North Korea. Rumours about such demons abound Siberia and as far as protectorates in Africa are taken more or less seriously, but nothing either proves or disproves that. Contrary to Ukrainian claims, they helped only in workforce to mines and other cave-related industries, and were more than ready to help by Eurasian zones, still adapting to industrial environments.
    The Triton, missing, was rather ignored after the Minotaur escaped - his actions became sporadical and until February he's been in the largest hiatus from media campaigns since June last year - a time which only cryptozoology of no evidence claimed having seen him. AXIS shifted its policies and tried to contour the lack of trust between it's members. The feeling of bounty hunting was adamant and many members lost their tenure for their job by knowing humans and demons already co-existed in dictatorships. It was a reality boom and an obscure majority which painted disagreement between it's members. Two new missions were designed to re-gain it's trust and make use of UN's cooperation, which so far showed fallible or less than average in the last year, failing to capture one or two demons, let alone populations of those. It's sponsors, by the same trail, were out of favor in UN's chairs. Their long-time supporter, former General Wagner Kantz, is out of favor - word arise of his involvement with human trades in Southeastern Asia, Gulf of Mexico, to the African Horn. He's missing, and flees to Western Africa to deal with Liberian allies. AXIS are controversially employed to secure his transition - albeit the mission de-briefing doesn't tell that...

MISSION de-BRIEFING: Demon outbreaks moved out! As the world watches the Arab Spring Political moment, the ties between former dictators and the Trans-Sahara Trade leaves about inner plots of insurrection planted within this democractical movement. The same attackers of the "Wall Street Event", believed to be supporters of the Minotaur, are throroughly succeeding a hunt on Pirate Ships from the territories around Cape Verde. Arrival at the territories in Cape Verde are expected. Liberian troops are arranging for gathering intelligence on what kind of terrorist organization may be at it. As they distance further north to contact another cell, Aragonese volunteers gives updates - they are conscripting escape routes throughtout the Sahara - once demon activity is confirmed, you're free to act. Deploy immediately.                                             April 2010
Formation: Instructor PI Marco Friedenreich works with Liberian authorities, as they secure former UN Security Chief Wagner Kantz. His High-Speed flight is all between the Northern and the Southern Front, but only report in extreme case - his stealth mode isn't secured in scarcely populated areas. Drones operate around, but the progressive scan is time-consuming
Team leaders: Agent ZETA Benjamin Philips is responsible for the Northern Front; and Agent NI Lana Bridges to the Southern One.
Northern Front: ZETA disposes of a PI drone and shall commence preventive action with the supplies given by NATO and Morocco's government. Strange unrelated seismic activity in Mt. Atlas' ranges are related to the climatic change distinct of the Triton. Unwarned "Akh" activity emmerge at once in Saharan Atlas, under suspicious acts concerning demon aids within Algeria. Engage Agents TAU Dalal Saab and DELTA Klaus Neumann to identify his presence around the rebels. Tau leads troopers in Algeria, Delta may engage from within Morocco and Mauritania. Delta may adapt swiftly with his duplication ability to drop the body-count of our ranks. Once the trade route is secured, the deal with PI may infer the fate of the Trans-Saharan leaders. Feel free to engage whatever Demon in the preccint, and lead them toward south, straight into the desert - the Triton and his team (visual identification gives an average of four or five of his specimen) must be neutralized, on terms that the rebels are suspended of action.
Southern Front: NI may follow PI's negotiations and introduce troops through the Senegalese river, an intermediary route to breach the oncoming fleet of the terrorist group, identified by the detainer of the stolen OMEGA project, Subcomandante (Lanzo) Zalacosta. Regrettably, he possesses many of your powers, as well as some more, ranging from duplication to even shape-shifting. Identified amidst the population, PI sends coordinates to engage. He has a large population nearby - probably slaves or traders with obnoxious connexions to the Trade - a critical matter. Discretion of fire-arms should be advised in common terms, however timing is crucial. May put use to KAPPA Melissa Walker's speed into a meeting point at Taghit, in Northern Front's assignment. The current updates informs that OMEGA is on the run, breaching through Mauritania, in a state of political unrest to competent authorities. Amidst his easiness with political unrest, it would be wise to have Kappa offering personal transportation of Agent PSI Tahira Kaur, whose detection may prove useful knowledge of either OMEGA's current possessor's identities, motives, and even his connections to the Triton which may be a global conspiracy or slave trading conference anywhere in open Sahara. Timing and location is crucial. 

    The agents are given obnoxious informations. As soon as they reach their assigned spots, not only they lead dozen personnel un-prepared for such irreplicable terrain, the diplomacy is lackluster and Pi's drone netoworks offer inhospitable exits from the Trade Route activities. As the Northern Front discovers at first, there's an on-going ruckus within Algerian Trade. A leader of a privateer group demands a higher input in hunting grounds. Meanwhile, Akhs comes out from the sheer sand, under no shocking surprise, led by a Haijianese Fire Lord identified as Jinci. He manages animal traffic and poaching in some portions and uses a tension between Berber and Tuareg rebels to a conscripted veil of collaboration. Given free passage by a deal with Russia, he 'corrupts' (rather buys them - their role as leaders is solely possible that way) Algerian leaders in accepting his "offers". He positioned Akhs in strategic places which were known to receive NATO and British affiliated forces in order to tap into illegal trade (or so they say - their true intent is take hold of the political scenario, avoiding other kinds of organizatin to emmerge in such failed states). They mean to capture and sell their weapons and gear, to militarize Akhs. Surprisingly, the Tritons (The Triton is acting in sporadic contribution with a team of more three Tritons, plus a Glaucean, an Animagi and an undead, himself able to summon undead armies in his favor) are aware of the plot, and retreat immediately from the Atlas after a conflict in it's seismic rift. The "rebels" associated with the owner of Omega aren't traditional to the Western Sahara "scenario", going undercover in smuggler gear and such, they pin-pointed key-locations to start blocking the oases from the traditional traders, in an effort to both identify them, execute political leaders (Mauritania's), and later divide their conquests. Territorial fights happens, revealing both Jinci's Akhs, and traditional slave-lord's very own demonic sponsors. That opens a rift in the narrative which favored Haijianese Fire Lords' (which paints Akhs as controlled demons and the Tritons as wildlings to be exterminated) - however, all goes awry when a new, undefeated enemy comes by with his own army: Set the Red God, is merciless to any enemy, and he forces the Tritons themselves back in south, further into deadly desert. Set is above any law but the law of survival of the fittest - this puts every member of either NATO or AXIS alone and unable to report his involvement with Haijian. The Axis Agents, however, choosing it better not to follow their assigned enemy (Tritons who were distinguishably fighting off hordes of Akhs on their own), stray into the desert, difficultating reach to one another (which was pivotal and operated by Kappa). Tau's insubordinance leaves her to engage with Omega's squad in front, regrettably for her finding not it's leader, but placebos as she says. Actually, those would be rather autonomous groups in guise of a distinguishable figure. While she avoids a group from reaching another, she unknowingly favor traditional slavers from being not boycotted.
    The Southern Front engages against Omega directly. Identified by Instructor PI, he's got his back on key positions across Mauritania and Mali - proving a point - the AXIS is giving a blind eye to conscript slave leaders, albeit just hitting it's rebel counterpart (rebel movements who resorted to slavery, capture and forced work to pay the debts it had from it's unintended diplomatic "isolation")- which ultimately stems from the very same dire needs of re-organizing on the failed democratical states policies, under a capitalistic scenario which pits them to a third world narrative and endless exploitation through two-fronts colonization (satellite states and united nations' consent - leaving nothing but repression as a control measure of uneffective change). Kappa has a chance for a re-match against Omega, but she's led further Eastward, leaving PSI in an open-fire situation, albeit with strictly few rules to follow, only to discover that PI and former General Wagner Kantz missed their appointments in Liberia - or either weren't appointed to there, anyway - requiring strict reunion with Agent NI, before she's able to make contact with Liberian authorities, which by now face disagreement and betrayal, planted between neighbour countries, in no surprise tied to the ones Tau allied herself with. The groups previously equated to Omega's detainer (identified as Subcomandante Lanzo) were proved not be led by his "duplicates", but rather by independent personnel from different cultures and ethnicities. Under their masks, however, they ecame much more power figures of respect and strategical importance. Capturing one or other only meant the creation of ten times the same groups - they claimed autonomy and horizontality. Some sense of autonomy puzzled the AXIS and it's allies as a whole, and their pre-meditating act further plunged the trust that African West Coast authorities had, setting a country in uneasiness with another, and after assassination of at least two elected (albeit bought, since they've been the same since the 80s - not that there'd be a difference otherwise). Unable to settle back, they move further to a meeting point at Tassil al Najjer, where the Tritons engage Set's army, and learn a bit of his motives...

MISSION de-BRIEFING: Conjecture of both fronts requested. Instructor PI gathers in Lybia to assemble a counter-measure to terrorists. He was ambushed and damaged by formal enemies, the numerous Akh swarms throughout tactical spots in Sahara. Insurrections explodes across the secured oases. If no actual group disposed at the margins of Senegal River had the original Lanzo, he's still in the desert, to be found by Delta, which pursues any oases within reach in his way from Agadez. Agent Kappa, in her neglect, let Psi and her squad in delicate position, forcing yet Agent Ni to retreat further from a conscrypted dissent between Niger and Liberia. Her squad are gone, decimated by terrorists. Kappa's squad, however, came to face yet another Akh horde, and may have lost to it. Tau assembled with Algerian privateers and may re-unite with Pi for a tactical strike at Lybia, where two fronts engage for national control. Zeta has assured valuable intel concerning the Atlas incident, but the tension between self-declared Set and the Tritons is inconclusive in current state - you're free to defend yourself from either, but preemptively aim for the leaders of the pack - Set and the Giant Triton.                   April 2010
Formation: Pi and Tau form a new squad, receiving new troops from the Sardenia Facility, with free pass to deploy from Tobruk - do it so covertly for it disregard the current leader and his loyalists, as he faces delicate situations within Lacian enterpreneurship.
Zeta and Kappa are assured with engaging against the Triton groups. Their move can be traced with the abnormal weather pattern. These two agents with greater mobility should respond within a week to the relocated ones in the now "Eastern Front".
Psi and Ni are assigned to deploy near in Kufra. Intel re-tells the emergence of tyrannical leaders out of insurrections around Lake Chad controlling weapon and slave trade routes nearby, plotting Niger and Mauritanian government in plots of invasion from one another.
The ruckus in Tassir shall not repeat. Providing assistance might be done once in Kufra - right now agents SIGMA and MI are assured to work in Egypt in collaboration with secret police. Movements of dubious relations happen in the between of it and Lybia - political unrest which favours the entrance of the escaping slave-lords, terrorists, and SubComandante Zalacosta in which can be a twist in this insurrectionary plot.

the team that was completely lost, within a week, had some severe sense of coordination and visible hierarchical abuse of authority. Taking hold of the parallel situation of deposing a former leader just involves AXIS as a front-line in imperialistic plots. Whilst PI acts cowardly after a defeat in front of his students (ambushed by yet new Akh horde near Awjila, a horde claimed to be Anubis' Army), TAU got the upper hand once again by securing her political involvement in providing Tunisia and Algerian politician and military to intervene in Lybia, seceding to pressures from Morocco in an uneasy alliance against the "Tuareg rebels". Not all the while, NI and PSI are assigned to secret bases, all the while team leader ZETA and KAPPA are virtual front-lines for a battle that will likely be their last. Whilst Melissa (Kappa) deals the concern with reason, rather giving up on the intent of engaging such demons, Ben (Zeta) is in the dire need of a rematch, believing it to be true this "tyrant plot" having demonic aid. As it seemed pretty much clear, the aforementioned "tyrant", a man named Tamrat, seems to be in league with Jinci and his Akhs ever since the first outbreak more than a year ago, albeit AXIS' own neglects in pursuing that, favouring the blatant media-related pressure of capturing the independent Triton. According to Zeta, the Triton they knew was himself engaging pursuits against one or two tritons of the group. He believes it to be of tribal, primitive nature of territorial and hierarchy dominance of the species. Melissa knows better. She knows the weather pattern he operates, and despite the Tritons acted in fourfold to bring snow to the Sahara, yet another "device" puts them forward into reaching a magnitude of demon activity - mining activities, extracting facilities, not unreal to Chadian territory and it's oil fields. Their move southward means something deeper to be in southern Africa. Chadian self-declared new leader has been operating some kind of military intervention to take hold of the scenario in the Maghreb through covert means. It's torn apart. NATO may claim Tunisia and Lybia, whist Morocco, Algeria and Niger require a black-veil second state within it to bring cooperations. That which his powerful acquisitions through planned Haijainese protectorates can offer, only once he eases the frontiers with Sudan, by facilitating a national division on both it (South Sudan) and Lybia (Tripoli), leaving but Egyptian government "for the taking" of a reellion which may turn the autonomous movements put under rpression of a hiding power, now revealed to public in the form of "a new Islamic government". This is a most complex plot more based on transactions of geographical and economical nature no citizen has exposure to, and no court would invetigate. Scirocc witness it in first hand.
    Meanwhile all the political stage which requires Sigma (Vitorio Manfredi) and Mi (Nick McKinley) is just an imperialistic measure (both are known to be more than staunch supporters of right-wing militias, but also as investors) to mediate in a pre-planned movement (read that as Arab Spring). If all, autonomous movements related to Lanzo that are still on field, and no longer on post, are mistakenly "liberators", or refugees setting back to their workplaces - in the process, bringing about political change, and with it, unrest. Most escape from the slave trades and settle within other townships, rendering new forms of policies and the emminent use of lynching  against authorities.
    Like them or not, Kappa and Zeta are just the sideline of this imperialistic plot, and no one would actually hinder Tamrat's progress, nor NATO's offensive, rendering but entire populaces to their own luck. So after a conflict with the Tritons, they were even if unwanted, saved from the Akhs of Set, who's forced to retreat should he respect alliance with Tamrat (who by now has untold alliance to Haijianese). One of the Tritons (goes by Herakles) got rid of Jinci, but his Akhs seem to be "controlled" (such the relation of Haijianese's "safe-measure") by someone else, forcing a greater march of Akhs to disappear in the horizon (unnown to them, it's Tamrat). Zeta gives pursuit to it for some days, in order to ellaborate on the evidences Kappa brought about. Kappa is off-bounds, and return to the Kufra meeting point under request, but still in sheer desert, alone and fighting for her life. Meanwhile, Tau and Pi engage larger fleets, and Lybian revolts take place in pre-meditated measure. Among coming fleets, under the guise of "explorers" or "NGOs", old-known faces of separatist movements ranging from Aragonese, British and Slavonic regions emmerge, from pyrotechnician Dazbog to a current user of the stolen Chi project (goes by "BlackX") and a Caped Crusader (which last time they checked, was still around the Atlas Mountain range) which became a known menace in Marseille some six months ago. Pi is reluctant to fight, but once engaged, he recurs to where Sigma and Mi are stationed. Tau is off-bounds, and altogether with her supporters from Algeria, join visible corruptible tyrants (albeit ones corroborating with the traditional leaders and in shady connections to demonic sponsors) as they get names and knowledge regarding "leaders with supposed demon connection" in the series of riots happenning around Lybia and Egypt, in hopes they find the Minotaur. Truth is, there's a Minotaur in Egypt but the one they're looking for will never be met by them again, being in somewhere else far, far away.

    The next meeting point, in Sudan, requires further help from Mi and Sigma, but they're bested by those which had powers such as theirs (Dazbog using fire, Black X using eletricity), prompting their armors disabled, and forced to meet repair. On the political unstability, Mi leaves his post to secure the transition of his aid, the former General Kantz, who failed to help the de facto leader of Chad, an elected president, and was neglective to Egypt's own. Failing to help Tunisia to adopt US' troops whilst "pacifying" Morocco, Algerian and Mauritanian frontiers. He followingly becomes unresponsible to Marco. Kappa follows such exploits, and once in the reach of the other AXIS personnel, she's reprimanded for leaving behind members sequentially in important happennings. She actually leaves in slightly faster periods to meet up a conspirer in order to avoid any advance from Wagner as by exposing his allegiance to cruel lords among the Western African countries and to Ethiopian "failed states" sovereigns. Out of favor to global community, he's seen both as outdated, staunch and a warmonger figure. His actual meeting is with Jorgen Z, a former sponsor of AXIS. Once that is known, a violation of trust is issued, and the team departs. Hers, on the other hand, is with a young boy among people using slave trader's trucks, but actually armed militants on the search for liberating those slaves. This boy is not ordinary. He teaches her how to use the Moon Eye of Horus to make them keep track of one another, and she gives in return the news about General Kantz, as he flees to Egypt.

    Pi is unable to stop Ni from leaving the inhospitable political scenario in Egypt, surrounded by riots. Assigned to there she assembles an unit and leaves from Cairo with Psi and Kappa, on the slightiest of Zeta's signal. Tau remains unresponsive, all the while Delta and Sigma still fight in the front-lines. Delta has to fight returning duplicates of his, whose necro-features astounds and amuses him. Tracing back the origin of that "infected" unit shows him necromancer activity in southern outposts near the Baharyia, in a demon activity expanding to overarching territories in disputes between Sudan, separatists, and Chadian rebels. News of Tamrat claiming powers over Chad and financing Sudanese rebels come clear and resound his action of entrapment of NATO and Akh hordes to face off in the Sahara. Tau was known to be strictly against such moves, leaving Psi eager to advance in the mission, whose mission is reaching Khartoum and securing it's leaders, all the while Ni is, once again, interrupted by Kappa in favoring their remaining in a campsite on their way a night longer around the Kebira crater. The next bright day, by around the way (to Kharga Oasis), the Three Tritons fight against the AXIS agents, and between themselves, as new different kind of demons (names goes by Chiron) acts in favor of the Triton they've met before. Not long ago, military intercepted heli sends Mi (albeit not repaired) to intervene. A meeting point to returning Delta (or else a duplicate of his serving as a decoy) and Zeta (who invariably lost to Tamrat in combat and escaped), they witness the Triton delivering Mi to a deadly kicksand in the way to Darfur. There, Omega and Black X engage rebellions and riots attesting to the "Darfur Liberation Front".
The AXIS Agents are called forth to re-structure the team.

MISSION de-BRIEFING: Current status: Lybian and Egyptian government are on the verge of political unrest. Chadian respectable leader was deposed, and newly christened Chadian tyrant Tamrat led the elected president to flee. His troops' presence in Sudan are at large felt, and it mixes with so-called "Darfur natives", those in league with Omega's militia plot. Agent Tau is missing, Agent Mi is gone, and the Darfur region witness a massive insurrection. Khartoum is no lnger safe, so it is requested both separate groups to re-join near Juba. A separatist movement acts opportunnistically, so the transition is a hard one. As the fight continues, new aparell and gear for the remaining troops will be disposed of at a secret facility.                                           May 2010
Formation: By the current status, Zeta and Delta were ambushed in the Darfur region. Ni and Psi departed from Kappa after an ambush in Egypt's New Valley, overlooked a facility at Merowe, witnessed the insurrections at Khartoum, and met with Kappa back again in Marrah Mountains. It is the current location of the Triton and his ensemble. The return from the area is done under surveillance of Agent Pi. The fall of the Merowe facility does not match either Jorgen or Wagner in the body-counts. Zeta, Delta, Ni, Psi and Kappa are obliged to gather near Juba.

    As it all cracks,
it becomes much more obvious for Kappa that the following is consequentially a trap. Given they failed to secure the local tyrants of Egypt, helped the Algerian one in disfavor of Lybia and were requested to intervene against South Sudan separatist for the sake of the governor of Sudan, nor did they prevent insurrections from Lybia and Egypt, which in nature differ greatly from Western Sahara, they not only are creating a smoke screen narrative under all the breaches of human rights, torture and exploitation under concentration camps financed by either Lacian, British or German forces, but wereof pivotal roles in securing spots which at all carried out General Wagner's run, leaving his name clean, his involvement erased as the warring factions of slave-traders were either claimed by Tamrat under his new policies and side-powers (a second state emmerges in trade with Akh hordes who now control large portions of the Sahara), being both unconnected to Haijian (now that Jinci was supposedly killed), and autonomous to act in the blurred frontiers of the moriund Maghreb. It means that both AXIS and one of its sponsors (Ülhaden Corp) are corroborating in ethnical cleansing policies (falling on th behalf of both the Tuareg and the Darfur in each ends of the Sahel), leaving her to accepting the Darfur rebellion and the intrusion of worldwide militants under the guise of Omega (including Dazbog and Black X) to be just an immediate response, even if regrettably the clearer exit from such situation - and not one tht would cost less lives. The communes which effectively taken the oases across Sahara are just the "lesser evil", being even a proper side-line for a population claiming the least of rest from the clutches of imperialistic satellite states installed across the region at least since the last century's half.
    The role of the demons such as Akhs is yet to be known. What she gathered from the enemy group (i.e. the Tritons') relates that the Fire Lords, Haijianese sect concerning politicians, enterpreneus and religious leaders, are gathering workforce and setting them toward it's protectorates in Central Africa, the Ethiopian Horn and the Great Lakes Region. It was equated to the distinctively dubbed "unnatural" seismic change felt at last in the Atlas range. Their role is winning this contest held by Tamrat. Defeating NATO and AXIS, capture fleeing slavers and their acquaintances, creating properties in order to corrupt once again the rebel cells to resort into a traffic which itself become a trans-national black-market favouring Tamrat's business in "industrializing" portions of the dead heart of africa to play with puppets in the form of oil magnates, bridging it to a trade with the Arab peninsula.
    All this knowledge goes not supported by her fellow teammates, but the feeling of unawareness and lack of trust resounds to Lana Bridges, who's less than uneasy with Marco's lack of presence in such pivotal mission. They've had differences for a long run, she was a student pupil to his and discovered with grief he's even more than trolling, he's actually a supporter of the old regimen. Ever since he was ambushed by Tamrat and the Anubis' Army, as well as in the bombing of the Merowe facility, he's not as much responsible with his team, as he's suspected to be leading the agents to a conscripted demise, leaving them to fight demons in unlikely scenarios whilst his concern is preserving personnel discarded by the United Nations, such as Kantz and Jorgen - maybe to blackmail them in a preventive escape with a third figure. As a dealer all his life, he might have contacts in UN, EU or to Turkey (in an effort to repay the damage last year in the Black Sea).
    Of all the agents, Delta and Sigma reach the secret facility at first, welcomed by Jorgen and his personal android guards in a hard-to-believe scenario among the Sudd Swamp. They are the first humans to witness the completion of the Alpha-Omega: QOPPA, which was just rescued from a defunct facility located at Merowe, before it was blown up. Jorgen is somewhat crazed, and he means the Triton and his group to gather at such a place, for their trajectory on the desert has been, more or less, dictated by hotspots of Xnobius activity. Tamrat has been on his own a presence of it, a "greenhouse" for the Akhs, ever after Jinci's demise by the hands of Herakles. Jorgen, however, will disrupt a layer in earth's crust at an abandoned secret power plant he dug up in the Sudd Swamp since the 80s - he means to avert this hotspot from connecting with others being activated in Tanzania, for example. His own presence in the bush's hunting grounds will be invariably felt for ages to tell, should he start it here. An infection may occur, but he means to use Qoppa and make an example of his power. It's invariably a trap, but Sigma and Delta, puzzled by the events, realize that there is a slight chance Alpha-Omega squads will survive. Not that they care, of all of them, they seemed to be the less human among the remaining ones...

    Said and done, Bridges and Walker manage to bring Psi's Tahira Kaur to prove a point on the fact that Pi has gathering more than intelligence through his drones, scratching the one in her possession and violating their trust from the instructor at last. Zeta, however, is unquestioning of such authority and does not trust the three remaining girls to issue a depart from the institute with such "unfounded rumour" (he's uncertain of Kappa's sources - she does not refer in any point actually meeting with the Triton or rebel camps). Bridges declares the institute to be reformed, and it's sponsorship by Ülhaden, rebutted. To that, they must first survive the emminent catastrophe.
    By triggering Qoppa, Jorgen means to gather an initial energy outburst which will leave him and his radiation imprint undeniably present across South Sudan for an eternity. He finally equals his power to Haijianese intel by manipulating Xnobius, but it's too late - his enterprise is in verge of collapse. Kappa triggers a strange artifact, and almost suddenly Triton's group catch to the remaining agents. The Tritons fight with Zeta, Delta, Sigma and Pi. Meanwhile Ni and Psi welcome Tau back to ranks, only to Psi discover it's not Dalal who uses it, rather an agent of Tamrat - meaning either she was killed by them or in the fall of Egyptian current government. Devastated, the agents find themselves in a deadlock. Bridges assures Kaur that direct revenge is not an option, given they can't just go the way back to Egypt, resorting at first to a Sudanese council. Zeta engages the Tritons, while Delta is in unapproval of leaving Sigma and Pi to resort to safety. He fights off Sigma, but timely intervention from Pi grabs his pupil and vanishes in his stealth mode. With them gone, Delta knows whos's to count with, and he helps to drive Tau's thief back. They go in good terms as Kappa manages to keep kind of a trust intact, albeit almost sipping her double-agent actions. She's primarily after General Wagner, and she finds information on his, descending further into Uganda. Marco (Pi) and Vitorio (Sigma) flee once Jorgen loses control. Omega's user, revealed to be Lanzo, is the only one to engage him, as his armor grants him adaptation to resist radiation and leave the surface for an underground battle. The neutralized Qoppa means AXIS, Scirocco and Ülhaden are gone.
    That gives Marco and Vitorio a weight to carry and a shadow to resort to, meaning that despite the worse has gone, it didn't end. Agent Zeta was killed by the Tritons, and Delta followed the instructions by Bridges, to report back to the main facility (thing which he'd not do) - their response may decide the future of AXIS. Kappa is in refusal to return, and she joins the Triton as he clarifies the events concerning Omega so far: the "Arab Spring" is rather a struggle of interests, Russia and Haijian support Tamrat, whilst the UN supports another investors in the plot (he means to discover exactly who). The fall of the current Egyptian govenment favors the first, whilst the fall of Lybian supports the latter. In the plot, populations in Darfur and the Tuareg are just to be induced in accepting the crude state of their lives, and that's where Omega saw more than opportunnity to re-introduce people rescued from traffic to support them in separatist claims. Claims which might be evaluated in each and every case, since now this Tamrat has been spreading a black market to just re-introduce a scenario which was conscripted ever since Mauritania and Niger became "independent". A pit of internal struggle and liberal agendas just being the new colonial facade. Much more singular realities would be met once they've gone to Uganda. Liberal policies are dangerous, masquerading as environmental-friendly, they only oppose nationalism when it means autonomy - favoring it, when it's repressive authority with subservient satellite states. The war is far from over!

    End result - Bridges assures that armors Ni, Psi, Delta and Kappa are property of their own users. Klaus is unheard of afterwards. Kappa is believed to be still in Sudan, moving southward to hunt down Wagner Kantz, Liberian conspirers, and proof of his involvement in on-going trade. Ni and Psi are employed by the CIA and will bring about valuable information regarding AXIS to overcome many "terrorist actions" (read that as autonomous groups) across the globe. Meeting the also ill-fated ATLANTIS Operation, they find out that AXIS is not only outdated and regressive, it's a plot which was a decoy to imperialistic measures, blamed upon Ülhaden and conspirers such as Kantz in the process. Kantz is given a role in national level in Latin America, leaving behind all his timely alliances in the Mediterranean, Suez canal and beyond, as he's in a homecoming process to act in Southern America - his birthplace (as a human at least). Marco and Vitorio have Pi and Sigma, but do not possess them legally in front of the courts. In hiatus for over two months, they resurface and Ülhaden seems to be history. On it's stead, however, dark connections arise abound a Lacian "Dominati Fabrica" of sorts.
    Melissa Walker (Kappa) is in a mission which just began as she becomes ally to the Triton in finding the darkest plots behind poaching, slavery, traffic, and all the implications it has for the world economy. Standing a whole month in the run and having to look for the back of the Triton when he access his human form, she may face the greatest demons yet, and find out the obvious - humans and demons were never really that different....
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