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O DAATH EHNB - Five Hidden Elements, in Enochian.
The schematics of the working Five Hidden Elements, a numinous knowledge translated into a diagram by the hands (or flippers, given the lack of a proper hand) of the Telchine kind. This one's translated to Portuguese.

(alternative names - Mountain Bronze)
propagation - energize (to Xnobius) - dissolves (to Serapel)
Weapons: Scissor Staff (Trident); Moon Scythe (Caduceus)
Crystal/Entity: XuanWu; Genbu

SERAPEL (alternative names - Tepoztli, generic Aztec term for workable metal, on which Serapel goes classified)
division - shatters (to Cozauhqui) - conducts (to Xnobius)
Weapons: Asklepian Scepter (Sekhem); Achillean Pike (Caduceus)
Crystal/Entity: Yasakani-no-Magatama; Kamakiri

XNOBIUS (alternative name - Copalli)
ignition - animates (to Darr) - explodes (to Cozauhqui)
Weapons: Flare Axe (Sekhem); Coal Hammer (Sekhem)
Crystal/Entity: Zhuque; Ni

COZAUHQUI (alternative name - Rasa, Chrysantios)
agglomeration - fuses (to Orichalcum) - manipulate (to Darr)
Weapons: Lightning Sword (Caduceus) Delphic Caduceus (Caduceus)
Crystal/Entity: The Nemontemi Stone; Xolotl

DARR (alternative name - Panacea)
direction - undo (to Serapel) - perceive (to Orichalcum)
Weapons: Dirae's Lance (Sekhem) Wand of Abaris (Sekhem)
Crystal/Entity: Philosopher's Stone (Baihu); Baphomet

The very shape of the diagram as well as obviously all the relation of arrows are took from the traditional Wu Xing. However, given the elements here presented aren't really created or destroyed from one another, these arrows don't mean which one 'wins over other', but rather whose effects they last upon each other, given variables such as the quantity, how much it is energized, which weapons or craft based on them are in use, which one of them is revealed in nature or not. The user's will, strange as it seems, may have something to do with it: some are harder to master, some require certain skills and abbilities the user can have or not. A true master is one who has perfected all the hidden elements' usage. One wonders what can be done if that feat is even possible.
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