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Manwe Sulimo

By GustavoMalek
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Well, it's since a while I submitted something here. I'm very busy these days, and my drawings are suffering because that. But I finally finished the lineart of Manwë (expect for the eagles). I hope soon it will be colored and with proper background. It was specially dificult to do a face that I liked and to creat the scepter.

Sunset background by :iconbreezestock:

Edit: 07.04.2007

I did a color and light study. I hope it is just right and I can, when I have some time, finish it.

Edit: 22.04.2007

New color. Now just some minor changes and I'll be ready go to the background.

Edit: 14.09.2008

Added some details in the cloth, the background and the eagles. Almost done now and very close to what I imagined.
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Enfim encontrei uma versão do Manwe do jeito q imagino, com barba, sem firulas e fiel ao Silmarillion!
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I love your interpretation of Manwe. I especially like his eyes, and his staff.
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I have never imagined him with a beard. But this seems right!
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Awesome! Great job.
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YES! I have been searching for were this drawing came from for a long time! When I first saw it I thought "This is how I imagined Manwe!" Congrats man :) Manwe has been my absolute FAVORITE fantasy charecter for a long time and thanks a lot for bringing him to life.
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Love this rendition of Manwe! the image is so clear and the background is lovely, yet powerful:3
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This is beautiful! The color is great and I love the fact that you added the Eagles.
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This is really close to how I was imagining him, very majestic and powerful artwork!
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This artwork is my second favourite of your trully impresive gallery! It is trully special, you achieved to represent the majestic and godly nature of Manwë, first of Valar. The gold embroidery is delicate and as beautiful as intrincate. The golden manbraces are a piece of art of their own, as the staff. Overall it is trully like an elven Zeus, full of majesty, power and wisdom, the face, the manners, the eagle, all is impressivly well painted, it is atonishing! It diserves, surely, public recognition!

Regards and thanks for sharing artworks like this one (And Hurin's, which is my fav one!)
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no words to describe.... i'm in awe (when reading the silmarillion I have images in my head, which are - so i thought - impossible to be drawn on a visible medium - you proved me wrong)
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makes me think, how his voice sounds.... :)
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I thought the Wizards were of the same race, but not class?

difference from 'ainur', 'valar' and 'maiar' is fairly significant...

Gandalf can step on Balrogs all day long, but the Powers are above even him...still, it would be easy to make this look Godlike by simply using perspective to add little tiny things near his feat. like mountain ranges. or forests. not mountains or trees. ranges, or forests. lol that would make him look Godlike rightaway.
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Hello, your work has been featured here --> [link]
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Wow! Really, many thanks! :hug:
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I Love this. It is absolutely beautiful. Manwe looks so lordly and yet so kind.
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Thank you. Glad you liked it.
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This is a great piece of artwork. But is seems just a bit less godlike and more like just wizardlike to me. Eitherway beautiful. I'm thinking of using deviantart to illustrate a custom Magic: the Gathering set based on Tolkien. Mind if I use this for Pallando the Blue Istari?
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If we remember that in Tolkien's works the wizards are of the same class of the gods (they all are Ainur), you'll realize why I have represented him like that.

As for the Magic: The Gathering set, if you use it just for your own use, non-profit, no problem.
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Awesome wwork!
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