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suchomimus by Gustavolamaral suchomimus :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 9 0 Hypo cannibal by Gustavolamaral Hypo cannibal :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 18 5 indoraptor JWFK by Gustavolamaral indoraptor JWFK :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 40 5 Hypo-maisaurus by Gustavolamaral Hypo-maisaurus :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 19 4 feathered Utahraptor TI by Gustavolamaral feathered Utahraptor TI :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 15 1 The Isle - spinosaurus by Gustavolamaral The Isle - spinosaurus :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 20 3 Neuro-allosaurus (v2) by Gustavolamaral Neuro-allosaurus (v2) :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 15 1 raptor thing by Gustavolamaral raptor thing :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 11 1 tyrannosaurus rex by Gustavolamaral tyrannosaurus rex :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 15 1 Elder tyrannosaurus by Gustavolamaral Elder tyrannosaurus :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 11 1 Magnagigantos Varanus by Gustavolamaral Magnagigantos Varanus :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 30 8 Magnataurus Moloch by Gustavolamaral Magnataurus Moloch :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 30 4 Magnaspinus imperator (v2) by Gustavolamaral Magnaspinus imperator (v2) :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 26 1 Tisso-mosasaurus by Gustavolamaral Tisso-mosasaurus :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 21 3 Hypo-mosasaurus by Gustavolamaral Hypo-mosasaurus :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 36 6 hypo-allosaurus (v2) by Gustavolamaral hypo-allosaurus (v2) :icongustavolamaral:Gustavolamaral 26 2


Powerhouse by Toarcian Powerhouse :icontoarcian:Toarcian 62 5 JWTGHD: Wave 10 Hybrids by r-heinart JWTGHD: Wave 10 Hybrids :iconr-heinart:r-heinart 119 51 Olm Wyrm by LindseyWArt Olm Wyrm :iconlindseywart:LindseyWArt 228 30 A Dragon's Grace by Herschel-Hoffmeyer A Dragon's Grace :iconherschel-hoffmeyer:Herschel-Hoffmeyer 605 32 Weekly Doodles - 70's/80's Exercise Video by RandoWis Weekly Doodles - 70's/80's Exercise Video :iconrandowis:RandoWis 327 27 Weekly Doodles - Nier:Automata by RandoWis Weekly Doodles - Nier:Automata :iconrandowis:RandoWis 262 16 Suchomimus  by Dekerrex Suchomimus :icondekerrex:Dekerrex 30 0 How Tall was Quetzalcoatlus? by BlueCea How Tall was Quetzalcoatlus? :iconbluecea:BlueCea 187 18 Deinonychus Working Papers 1 by IllustratedMenagerie Deinonychus Working Papers 1 :iconillustratedmenagerie:IllustratedMenagerie 35 8 jason voorhees by austroraptorcabazai jason voorhees :iconaustroraptorcabazai:austroraptorcabazai 44 2 Jurassic Park Series 1 Juvenile Tyrannosaurus. by Rodrigo-Vega Jurassic Park Series 1 Juvenile Tyrannosaurus. :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 189 9 Mehrunes Razor - Skyrim - WIP by ArsynalProps Mehrunes Razor - Skyrim - WIP :iconarsynalprops:ArsynalProps 59 8 Plains Beast by KatePfeilschiefter Plains Beast :iconkatepfeilschiefter:KatePfeilschiefter 123 6 The Isle Adult Rex Template by EmilyStepp The Isle Adult Rex Template :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 42 3 Sylizar-Xeno stalker by Tapwing Sylizar-Xeno stalker :icontapwing:Tapwing 473 33 Gen 2 Indoraptor Concept by EmilyStepp Gen 2 Indoraptor Concept :iconemilystepp:EmilyStepp 249 37


Hypo cannibal
Just challenged myself to make this monstrosity and it turned out way better than I expected
Human anatomy is a living hell to draw
indoraptor JWFK
This guy is probably one of the things I was more concerned about before watching the movie but i actually liked it
It's design is definitely better than the indominus and it has some pretty memorable scenes
One of the things I love the most about the indoraptor is how it twiches some times
like if it was not complete
One complain I have to make is that weird smile scene
So I just watched JWFK and i liked it way more than i thought i was going to.
The direction of J.J.Bayona definitely made a lot of justice for the movie, a lot of the scenes were really beautiful and epic the horror tone is definitely there and a lot of the characters that i thought were going to be lame or annoying were actually ok.

The next few weeks i'm gonna be drawing some JW dinosaurs and also give my opinion about them

A few things kind of made me a little annoyed like the part of Blue crying the overuse of Rexy being the only giant predator of the film
And where did the epic submarine v mosa scene go?
I liked the variety of new dinosaurs like carno, allo and others
Just a little disappointed that they were mostly on the background and/or just Rexy toys
Another thing that I loved were stiggy I just loved the scenes with her
The specimen has been acting way different than any type-H creature.
It has been walking in heards of different herbivores, it has gained they're trust.
The instinctive traits of the maiasaurus still show in the subject, it was caught on one of the cameras that it has been saving/protecting herbivores from predators.
It uses it's body as a weapon throwing it's weight on top of the enemies stunning them, some times even killing them.

[Still waiting for more information]


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