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Finally I have my own werewolf origami. I would like to thank all the deviants who gave me lots of very useful suggestions in my recent journal entry :D I incorperated the hunchy back, huge mane, muscular human like figure. I am very satisfied with the head design, original and neat :D Ok, the problems: the claws are a bit smaller than my expectation, it can be enlarged, what do you think?. Also I am not very sure about the tail, I folded it like that to give the model standing support. Also the toes, should it be 5 or 4 digits? I use 5 here. Hope you guys like this one :)

From 50cm square golden foil paper.
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I dont have any words
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how long did it take to make?  Rue Grin 
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It kinda reminds me of Solgaleo.
But still, best thing I have seen in dA.
Looks kickass, I would LOVE to find out how to do this...being a fan of Werewolves AND Origami :)
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This is nice! :D
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I LOVE IT!!! That is an amazing work of art.
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Ouh, cool. I don't good at origami.
But glue is good. See for yourself.
What do you think? :D…
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WHAT! That rules...amazing!
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Awesome! You gotta teach me how to do that!
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Cooooooool~ You are really something! I like his tail and head
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Amazing. I am not into art, like origami, but this one is breathtaking.
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Probably should be 4 digits for the toes. But other than that, this is amazing!!!
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Dude... Make a tutorial on this... I must make one
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I think it's amazing :) I could never do anything like that
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How did you DO THAT!!!!!!!
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