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Welsh Corgi ::tutorial::

By guspath
After receiving some very encouraging comments from deviants wishing to fold my origami models :D I decided to post this tutorial.

I recommend you use at least 15cmx15cm paper size. Best folded using thickish paper, but basically any paper will do.

It is sufficient to simply fold without reading the small print below each step. It is only for reference purpose, for example if you got stuck and don't know how to execute that particular step. I used standard origami symbols to draw this diagram.

Note the final few steps I deliberately put extra effort to describe the locking mechanism of the hip, this part can be difficult but interesting.

You may not be able to succeed in your first trial, but that is common, even for me, I suppose you may need to try at least twice before getting a satisfactory product. That is not your problem, but mine, because I failed to draw a better diagram :) But at least you know how I fold this model :)

I would love to see finished product from people who managed to complete this model, that would make me very happy :D

Note: If you plan to use the diagram for purpose other than personal reference or teaching purpose, please inform me in advance. Thank you :D
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wordrocks's avatar
HI, can you help me with step 11?
bear48's avatar
thank you for this
Racelloplus's avatar
I cant see the direction or folds its too small D:
MakoUzumaki2461's avatar
I got really confused at step 9, I could make the same shape, but not the way its supposed to be folded. ]: help?

Can you show me step 9, because the previous folds are confusing me a lot D:
Tigrrrlily2000's avatar
Ah, got it on my first try! Spent over an hour folding and refolding to figure out a few steps, so it looks a bit over-creased, but still very cute~ I used paper from an old kit I had that was printed for making yellow roses, so it's a yellow/red/white corgi.
winghay's avatar
step number 11 is confusing D: can you elaborate on that?
wordrocks's avatar
Did you already got step 11? If so, can you show me how?
TEACH ME PLZ!!!!!!!!
lsf117's avatar
Very cool, thanks for the upload
khwolfgirl's avatar
wow did u did this there so cool hay can u show me how u did thim ^_^
VexiWolf's avatar
its cute, it looks sort of like an eevee ^^
I much appreciate his fox-like features. I shall give my best try on. ^.~
cactusiik's avatar
IonoExDe's avatar
im stuck on step 11 as well =.=;;;
Kadsy's avatar
Step 9 is really throwing me off. =/ The model is now completely different than the pictures, so it's difficult to understand exactly what I'm suppose to do. D:
Pookarah's avatar
i love how you make your own models!
can't believe I just found the papercraft/origami section on here!

...but i like your stuff best so far :>
also, i want to fold tiny corgis and make them into earrings! :3
if i manage it i will post pics
Freelana's avatar
i can't get past step 11 TT_____TT


but awesome anyhow. i love it!
AgnesPterry's avatar
Awwww! So CUTE! Now, my sister folds origami, but she's kind of a stickler about only doing GEOMETRIC origami. However since it is a welsh corgi maybe I can convince her to do this. :-D We have two of our own: they are such pretty dogs. I feel the need for a corgi origami as well, however.
nataloe's avatar
its hard!! i dont get it :( fell stupid XD
Crimson-Jazz's avatar
This may possibly be the greatest model I have seen to date on DeviantArt (or maybe anywhere I have searched) but I keep failing every time on step 13 since my reverse fold never seems to work out right. D: I'm going to keep trying, though, since I reeeeaally want one of these for y very own! <3
eternal-song's avatar
now that is a really cute idea.
Singel-Fox's avatar
Oi, I think if I try this one out I gonna mess all up.. But I think is gonna be okey with your tutorial :D
switchfox's avatar
ig to stuck at step 8
DANKEE--E's avatar
Awwwwww~~~~!!! wanna try this!!! >w<
but... im so bad at origami stuffs ... TwT
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