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September 29, 2005
By popular demand, I present to you Gryphon by ~guspath. I think this deviant just busted that 'no paper can be folded more than seven times' rule. It's just amazing!
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Finally, I managed to make a gryphon, influenced mainly by lots of great gryphon deviation in DA but still lack of something... anyway, I am quite satisfied :) Please let me know your suggestions and comments to improve this one.

This model was made using the same base as my Firedrake . You can view the making process of this gryphon.
Oh yes, special thanks to for helping me with this cool photo framing :hug: for both this one and the making process.

Now, about the model, I first spread the wings open but no, to conventional, so I fold them down. I like the color change of the tail tip, the wings and the beak. There are lots of origami dragons and origami pegasus out there and some are very good and original which become the benchmark, the precursor for others to create. However, I rarely seen any complex gryphon created so far, so I hope mine can be an original one :D
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Mr-Fart-Sparkle's avatar
This is so cool! I'm wondering if you were ever going to make a tutorial? I'd love to make this for a friend.
STcraft90's avatar
That is so cool! Great work! :D
Neoarkadia's avatar
Too late for comment, I really lov this Gryphon It's jus so nice I would love to display it on my desk Hahahah
aAARRGGHH's avatar
Well, it looks a bit late to comment, but...
Media-Blitz's avatar
how did you do that?!?! O.o
fabicynder's avatar
Chain-Lighting's avatar
Thats just awezome, have a friend who can make jet planes out of cigarette boxes with missiles and stuff :P
iqbaldesain's avatar
sarielkey's avatar
Lovley So Lovely :D
CopperFreddy's avatar
It's gorgeous *^* I'll try and make it too!
YesThisIsMe's avatar
Great work! Really, awesome :D
crazylemonwarts's avatar
This. is. awesome. I bow down to you master paper-folder, the most complex thing I can make is the paper balloon.
ludacris14's avatar
this is by far one of the awesomemest origami art ive seen. i never thought that a origami gryphon would look this cool. the gryphon is one of my favorite mytholagical creatures. if only there were a tutorial onhow to make these, i would be very happy
VanillaFeathers's avatar
Do you have a tutorial? I wanna make this for a friend :)
mjforstall's avatar
certainly this and the werewolf are the best origami pieces i've seen not to mention some of the better half of deviations of seen on this site.
Jspinal's avatar
how? how is it even possible to make an origami gryphon? i just don't understnad how people can be so amazing
i wish i could do this ;-; but at least i got to see it^^
WladziArt's avatar
beautiful work!:D
please tell me how to do this :)
That is amazing.
MasterofRandom's avatar
That is brilliant! So much fine detail!
SpazzinCat's avatar
You are an origami god!! Great job :)
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