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I am currently working on designing an origami werewolf model. Still a very rare model in origami, this one is by Jason Ku: Any idea how werewolf should look like? Any input is highly appreciated. If you happen you know or have werewolf pictures that I can use a reference please let me know :D. I am thinking of that werewolf from the movie Van Helsing, the one with rather hunchy back and big mane. Ok, back to brainstorming :)
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I have been thinking a way to promote origami and to make it appeal different from other art forms. :: FIRST, is the fact that only a square sheet of paper is needed to fold almost anything, ranging from animal, insects to fantasy creatures. It is quite difficult to convince people that for example my ninetail fox model is from a square sheet of paper. It is easier to believe that I make 1 tail and cut it into 9. The approach to handle such kind of question without having to unfold my ninetail fox is to use the proportion concept. Imagine a really large piece of paper, say 1 meter square, folded into ninetail fox, resulted in each tail len
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Let me see... when I create a particular model, for example a dragon, I will call it not just dragon, but spiny dragon or simple dragon for instance, to be more specific. But in future, I might have new ideas to improve my simple dragon and what should I call this new model, simple dragon 2? I noticed there is a systematic way used by origami creators that I find quite useful. According to my observation, some origami creator such as Satoshi Kamiya, Jason Ku, many more, would assign name on their models like this, dragon ver.1.1. or dragon ver.1.2. or dragon ver.3.1. This is just my personal opinion based on observations, so correct me if I
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Hey man, awsome work ya got here.

I just discovered your work today and already am in love with your artwork.

i dabble in origami myself and if you ever wanted a free commission somtime, I'd consider it an honor.

again, great work
I'm a big fan of your origamis. Are you not on DA anymore??? Please please show us more of your origami works.
I'd also love to see your works on books with instructions like you've mentioned before..
I reckon people will go crazy with your gryphon and other models.
you probably get asked this a lot, but do you have a book of models we can buy or are you working on getting on published? I'm a big fan animal origami but it's hard to find books that include things like dragons and wear wolves while only using one sheet of square paper with no cuts or glue. : /

most the books i find for people other than children or beginners only have modular origami offered as their advanced models and i am just not as interested in geometric non-representational abstractions of the paper. 

your work is amazing. 
You are amazing ^_^
I really liked her work, I want to get to your level one day, very good wonderful
Hey fellow origami modeller. Your creations are so tiny!!! How do you pull it off. I've down small before but never small and detailed. Good job :)
Don't you have a channel where there are tutorials of the origami you make? :O
Im craving for your tutorials!