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I didnt know the sex tape existed and she told a story about her having this sex tape and to me a sex tape is when someone films you having sex without your knowledge and releases it on the Internet and it happens and I feel horrible to anyone who would be subjected to that, she said. We know people that it has happened to and its life changing and then I slowly found out that the thing has a plot and a beginning and a middle and an end and that to me.But when your boyfriend is a porn star and you knowingly make a tape, the whole thing just didnt add up. Armstrong also admitted to having a drinking problem in the past, revealing that booze became a crutch for her. PHOTOS: Fraud, Feuds & Fights  27 Reality Stars Who Are Out Of Control When I webpage was on Beverly Hills, especially after the suicide I found myself drinking to cope. I was at home, stuck at home and I was like oh, one glass of wine makes me feel better, two makes me feel a lot better but three I dont have to think of stuff going on in my life. It definitely became a crutch for me, she told Frankel. This particular night was totally different, I was just drinking shots and bowling and all of a sudden I was really drunk and angry and I was angry about a lot of things. I have a tendency to hold everything inside, which is something we have worked on, I will hold, hold, hold, shut down, shut down, shut down until the lid blows off. Also discussed on the show was Bravo co-star Brandi Glanville , who Armstrong says could benefit from therapy. I think she could use some couples therapy or individual therapy, she said. I dont know about her.

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January 14, 2014