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Rob's Art - The Girls

By GuruGrendo
My best friend, and roommate is in jail.
He will be for a while now.

He really wants new people to mail him, since he's just sitting there.
He also wants me to post his art, so I'm posting it for everyone to see.
I'll be digitalizing and adding my own flair to it as well, I'll post them separately 
He DOES take requests and will do pretty much anything you want.

Want a sick tattoo? He's got you.
Just send him a letter and he'll get back to you.

If you want to mail him you can at 

Inmate I.D. No. 2013013296 D.O.B. / 10-12-1988 Robert Donald Ham 500 East Adam St Jacksonville Florida 32202
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MX510 series
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the hips are to low so they look weird. hips should be where the hip Bones are not in the lower thigh.

but looks nice ^^. 

oh also when you have underware drawn you dont see the hair wink wink. although it looks like they just never shave so that could be why to XD.

good work.
TheImmolatedPoet's avatar
I think that might be their posteriors, as opposed to their hips and creases in the underwear as opposed to hair. :P
Just Saiyan.
lordkalem's avatar
doesn't care anymore XD
lordkalem's avatar
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