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Princess Frames - Wallpaper

By GuruGrendo
Edit: I... I just couldn't sleep without nuking the cutie marks. I almost didn't upload this because they were there. So I took them out.
You can still Download the original one with the cutie marks below
And for the 1080 version without the cutiemarks: [link]

Remember the 3000x1688 is a 16:9 resolution, scaled up for better quality.
Meaning I worked at the resolution and downsized for the 1080 version.
Seeing as Twilacorn is canon, I figured I'd make this.
It came out a lot better than I could have thought too.
Custom made Carbon Fibre texture and every.
Made everything from scratch, vectored out the shadows from the show.
Revectored the Celestia and Luna cutie marks to be less pixelated.

Full Size in Download.
I know the resolution looks weird, but It's an upscaled 16:9 resolution.
If you really want a 1920x1080 I'll provide one here [link]
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You did it again Garndo, minimalism is amazing.
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Awesome, do you think you're going to Bronycon 2013?
GuruGrendo's avatar
I doubt it, why?
totalotaku13's avatar
'Cause me and a friend are going, and I was wondering if, since you're a brony (I assume) you might be going too. Do you think it's worth the money?
GuruGrendo's avatar
It's not worth going for me, so no sorry.
There's not much for me to do there lol.
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Where's Cadence? Looks frickin' awesome btw. c':
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Adding cadence would mean four frames, and that just looks weird in my opinion.
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:'D You gave it a nice simple look. c':
GuruGrendo's avatar
Minimalism is my specialty, Lol.
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