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Bloody Geiger Counter - Wallpaper

By GuruGrendo
Holy shit, it's a wallpaper that I made that's not pony related.
It's a Christmas Miracle!

But in all seriousness, this is one of the wallpapers I'm actually proud of.

There IS one problem I can't seem to overcome.

The Geiger Counter seems to just pop out and be a separate piece from the background.

It's beginning to irk the hell out of me.
Thanks =EphemeralBlue for the help with that slight problem.
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Love it! Really creepy-ative! :D
GuruGrendo's avatar
requiesticat's avatar
Kinda reminds me of a porthole in a submarine.

This is pretty well done!
haybem's avatar
Reminds me of Nazi Zombies.
TheCowardAndFool's avatar
Perhaps if the background was a touch less dark, or if it were part of a panel of various instruments it wouldn't stand out quite as much.
I still like it, nice and grim.
1luvmlpfim's avatar
its sooo grim o_o
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Wonderfully done, Grendo. It's definitely good to see that you're still alive and kickin'. *Brohoof*
GuruGrendo's avatar
lol. I've been busy a little bit. I hope no one's noticed.
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Busy is okay. I've been straight up inactive for months. Lol.
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ಠ_ಠ Any yet I still get correspondence messages asking to put my vectors into art collections.
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I stopped getting those a while back.
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Really? I can't imagine why, you do better stuff than I do. Mine don't come in fast though, maybe one or two every other week.
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I wouldn't say that.
I do things anyone could do.
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