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Applejack Cutie Mark - Vector

By GuruGrendo
I'm going to be coming out and making more CM vectors. I'm going to start with the 6 mane cast and the work towards the more popular background characters. If you want a specific one done tell me.

I've updated this cutie mark to accommodate the Second Season.

Taken straight from a screencap of S2
It would be appreciated, but not necessary, to credit me and or link me to your work that you use this in. The latter is more preferred if possible.(I like to see what my work is used in)

Make sure to check out :iconmoongazeponies:'s shit too.
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Used your CM here:

Ponys holding Flags
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yo man. you did great on the cutie mark. here's what I made with it. ^^ [link]

Applejack forever! :iconhappyapplejackplz:
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This is really cool! 
I want one now D:
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Thanks! :D
Oh no! I only bought one T-shirt though. :(
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Used here: [link]
Thanks a bunch!
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I used this in this wallpaper: [link]
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Hi, I recently used your wonderful artwork in my non-profit youtube video under the title “Chime Meme MLP Style”
If for some reason you’re not alright with that please let me know and I’ll have it taken down asap. You have been given proper credit in the description with a link back to this page. Thank you for providing such a great vector! If you have time and would like to check out the video I'd be delighted to hear what you think of it! Thank you again!

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used in this [link]
thanks for vectoring this!
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mind if i use this in a picture im doing?
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Can't wait to see it~
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wait ill send you a link
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[link] eh, its not the best but thanks for letting me use your vector it really helped!!
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It looks good ^_^
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