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Antispiral by darkMyke
Gurren Lagann: Yoko Wallpaper Pack by EtrnlPanda
Neotokio3-Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Full Artwork1 by NinaEva01ngeline
Neotokio3 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Digipak by NinaEva01ngeline
The Elegant by Feyrise
Adiane BBW sketch 2 by TheAmericanDream
Fuck You Human by jessicacicca
Adiane the Elegant - TTGL by jessicacicca
Beyond Redemption volume 1 page 1 by FloridianForever
Lolololololololololololololololololol by FloridianForever
Anti Spiral by ultron98
Antispiral! by RealAraita
stop it human Boota Guren Lagann by marya-chan
Boota Sketch Card by ibroussardart
Booty by SS-SpiritStar
Boota by LuzrovRulay
Contest Entries
Dai Gurren Pigmole by AlceX
Yoko Littner (Time-skip version) by RainStillnight
Viral is Not Amused... by Medli45
I'm to sexy for my clothes :D by Takushika-sempai
cosplay yoko from TTGL 1 by Lucy-Dark-Dreams
Yoko Ritona Bikini by VictoriaRusso
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann by Miko-Bura
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann by Miko-Bura
Come on Eileen by the-sly-wink
Four Generals by kykywka
The Spiral Generals Wallpaper by JazylH
TTGL: The Four Generals by Cargoleta
Gurren Pokegann
#400 Bibarel by ProDarkar
yoko vulpix in color by SoulxCookie
Chimaera by Tabnir
Kamina Squirtle 2 by LemonBreadMachine
Jorgun and Balenbow
KAMINA by crazy5
Kamina by AlexTheBro
Kamina from Gurren Lagann by SweetEvee
kittan zero by pocketm0use
Ton of Leeron...Oh okay, only 22 total by KannaTC
Lord Genome
genome by hollowkingking
All You Bastards, Get Fired Up!!! by Psi-Stardust
Misc. and other things
TTGL Eyecatch: Tionishia by SirLaMence
Keep Calm Do the Impossible by BLUE-F0X
Multiple Characters
Rule 63 Kamina and Simone by Forever-Nocturne
Save me, Simon by Feyrise
0u0 by Litner-chi
Gurren Lagann: Chitori + Jigitalis by MrFuchikoma
Rossiu by Sii-SEN
Kamina and Yoko - If Only by Marvolo-san
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann | Simon And Boota by lordofthenines
[SPOILER] TTGL by SweetEvee
Is it Morning Yet? by TheGeekyNobody
Yoko Littner by DreamsAddiction



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  Hello Gurren Lagann Club members.  It's been some time since I've made a new journal entry here.  Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive and the club is alive as ever.  We are still the #1 GL Fan group on deviantArt, as far as I know anyway.  I hope everyone has been having a great year so far and had a happy Easter.  I hope we continue to get new members and submissions for many more years.

  In other news, we lost our co-founder VaneFox some time ago but that's alright (Don't worry he didn't die he just felt it was his time to go because he had some issues to settle but that was some time ago so hopefully he is in better spirits now) but I still am glad he came when he did and restructured the group and made it so much better.  We also may have a new affiliate  :iconadult-swim-club:.

  PS I sort of dropped off the site for a few months so there was sever submissions and member requests that expired.  If you one of those unfortunate people just re-submit and I'll be sure to add them in when time allows.  Thank you and my apologies.  

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Group Rules

Believe in you!

:bulletred: Greetings, Brigade members! :bulletred:
:bulletgreen: Vane here with a more refined set of rules :bulletgreen:


Image Placement
Submit to the correct categories. Don't submit to the featured folder unless it's a very polished work.

Stolen Artwork
It's STRICTLY PROHIBITED submitting artwork using stolen vectors or drawings. If you are caught doing it, and something can be proved, you will be banned from the group, and all your deviations will be removed. If you can recognize an art thief, please report to the admins through a group note.

Fair play
If you used artwork of others, you have to credit them in the description. If we can identify that the art that you used don't belong to you, we will decline your request.

Don't Spammit!
NO spamming, advertising, self-promotion or otherwise.

We are law!
Don't argue with the admins about why your deviation was declined. You can ask for the reason, but that's it.

Be kind
If you are over the top obnoxious you will be banned.


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