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:icongurobaka:gurobaka posted a status
dont ask, dont say anything, im not doing this for sympathy or reassurance, i just need to write this down in a pubic place. thank you.


why do i think of these things towards the people i care about what the fuck id never have thought of saying this shit earlier?? but now i literally have to stop myself im horrible lmao i am literally a piece of shit oh my god its literally taking everything i have not to tell this one friend ive been having problems with to just run off with their little friends and have a grand ol fucking time n just fucking forget All about me and rot lmao. its taking All I Fucking Have not to tell someone in my own family to go fucking die on the fucking road and choke on those fucking beers he loves so god damn much     okay granted i already kind of feel that towards him but id never say it to his face i guess
and just
idk where this came from i just
fucking fuck

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