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Sitting Base [ Pay to Use ]

Doing another one! This time its a small sitting base   (。’▽’。)♡
Its full body and has more bases than the previous file. Heres more info:

The file Contains 6 Bases: 
- 3 Non color Bases (if anyone wants to add custom skin color or accesories)
- 3 Sitting bases with skin color. / Without background
Poses: Pointing + Hands down + Hand against cheek

" Can i do comissions/adopts using this base?"
Yes! You can dress up characters and sell them
Yes! You can do adopts and commissions

" Can i do upload the bases at other sites?"
I would prefer not. Specially in sites like ychcommishes or toyhouse where its really easy to upload other peoples works and trick people into thinking its your own base to resell. Also the idea is to purchase the base from me to get it, not get it from other sites

Credit is not obligatory, but a link back would be lovely.
Please dont claim the thing as your own original idea.

  What can i do with this base?
You can add any kind of hair/hairstyle, clothing and accesories (wings, ears, and other).
Also thanks to its size you can put it on your website or front page as a cute decoration.
Or even do another one and make a couple.
[ I dont have any dressed examples yet ]
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Exclamation by Drawn-Mario      Hello! A lot of people asked the same questions over and over, sadly due to my being inactive i was not able to reply in time but ive updated the info on the deviation. Ive hidden the comments now that ive updated with their questions, if you have more questions you can reply to this comment.