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Rose Base [ Pay to Use ]

This is my first time doing one of these Pay to Use things.. :iconhanatamagoplz:
Anyway i wanna save up some points, to comission someone and for group contests, so i made this base.

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco The file Contains 4 Bases: 
- Outline Only / Non color (if anyone wants to add custom skin color or other features?)
- Colored Head only
- Head with Red Rose / White Rose for custom coloring.
- Head with Red Rose Crown. / White crown for custom coloring

[ Four bases for 100 points folks! 25 Each]

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco " Can i do comissions using this base?"
Whoops! That would mean one person paying it 1 time and giving it away multiples times, meaning earnings go to said person.. and i did these to try to get some points myself.. so nope, sorry. For the moment this base CAN NOT be used for comissions. [ I got another head base on my gallery that can be used for comissions ]

Edit:  I explained it nicely but it seems i need to say it again DO NOT RE-SELL THIS BASE
I am currently trying to earn points trying to sell it.  So how can i do that if others sell it and keep the profits?
Its okay if you buy it for yourself. But re-sell it is a not. Please do not do that or i will report you and the versions made u 7 u

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco Credit is not obligatory, just dont claim the thing as your own original creation.

Please leave a comment if purchased! ~ (To let people know you guys have full permittion to use)
Purchased by chiiroo , FloralRoses , PEPPERTODE
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Purchased! <3
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Damn this is so cute but I only have 30 Dx I can't pay 1? Like you say is 25 per each one ;_;
Thank you very much for this! :la:
Purchased and used here:
Nerdy Gertie by PEPPERTODE
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purchaseddd ~ 
and usedddd ~ 

LOOK AT THIS SHIT by IntoxicatedHippie
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ahh!! such a cute base! question though, is this MS-paint friendly? If so, I'll probably buy it!! nvn
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I use MS-paint to pixel so i guess thats a yest xD. I included a white background version-file in the Download, so it wont go black if its being open in Paint.
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Aw XD I was really hoping I could use this for commissions, I can see everyone wearing cute little hats for the holidays <33
Anyway! I might buy this anyway, it's so cute ;;
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