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As usual I'm very slow at noticing things, and the festive atmosphere of the last days didn't help... then few hours ago i logged in here, looked at my account name... then looked at it again... what the...? I'm a core member? since when??

Well long story short, whoever is the anonymous person who gently made me this gift, I'm really really grateful, thanks a ton! I couldn't ever imagine that would have happened! XD

Again, thanks to whoever it's been, and good 2018 to everyone! 


WIP- Fahrenheit 451- The Hound
- A wonder of modern electronic and robotic science, the Mechanical Hound is a perfect hunting machine, able to sniff millions of recorded chemical mixes of a odor with his sensors, reach their owner swiftly and silently on his eight rubber padded legs, neutralize him with a strong dose of Morphine or Procaine through his retractile 4 inch long facial needle. A subversion of the older firemen dog, who helped finding survivors under the ruins, this one is the ultimate inhuman defender of the Society from every rebel.

- Altough being a cold machine, it has some curiously disturbing animalesque behaviours. Those, his sounds and its very whole being are made to add a psychological coat of terror to an already scarily precise weapon 
WIP- Fahrenheit 451- Faber
- When fireman Guy Montag randomly met the sixty years old former professor in a park, about a year before befriending Clarisse, both men recognized each other as socially enemies, but for some reason the Phoenix couldn't bring himself to arrest or inquire on the stranger. Faber is a depressed bibliophile who just survives passively the present world, the derive of which he blames on himself and other "cowards" who knew, but never spoke when there was still a chance...

- Proficent in electronic handworks, he'll become a sort of "radio coscience" for the intellectually reborn and unsure Montag
WIP- Fahrenheit 451- Mildred Montag
- Mildred Montag is perfectly integrated woman, with a good social status, who enjoyes all the pleasure life can offer, like driving at max speed in her car, chatting with her friends about tendencies, participating in television walls' shows and drowning her little boredom moments in the sea of commercial music and opinionism her eternally worn cordless earphones can offer her.

- She just can't understand what's gotten in her 10 year long husband Guy lately. They've got entertainment, a good financial status, 3 tv walls, a car... why can't he just stop worrying about petty things? She wonders.
WIP- Fahrenheit 451- Captain Beatty
-The head of Montag's fire department, Beatty is a perceptive and cunning agent of the social order, which he enforces with a ruthless loyalty made more dangerous by the fact that he's not a simple conformist, but a educated believer of the valors of his beloved job. This under the mask of a almost disturbing stereotyped appearance that makes him look almost like a fictional character rather than a person.

-He never forgets his beloved pipe and the faithful matchbox
WIP- Fahrenheit 451- Clarisse McClellan
- Guy Montag's neighbor, a affable and inquisitive 17 years self proclaimed oddball who delights herself in driving therapists and educators crazy with her self awareness and her immense curiosity for all the aspects of life, being a revolutionary probably even more than even herself  realizes. The improbable friendship between her and Montag will be the start of his developement as a new and free person.

- Loves dandelions, the taste of rain, noticing what everyone doesn't bother to notice, and asking the "why" of the things rather than the "how"


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Hope you will read my comic if you've got time : D

also, cool animations!!
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My :bow: fave thYnks :hug:z!
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Gasp Gurdim! Grazie per il watch e per tutte le stelline che mi hai lasciato : )
Grazie mille !

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Grazie mille per i faves Simone!!^^
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Thanks a lot for faving my drawings  :)
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