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[GIF] I Said, Look Behind You! by Steffi-UCX [GIF] I Said, Look Behind You! :iconsteffi-ucx:Steffi-UCX 8 1 Silent Hills PT Gouge it out by dargvelk Silent Hills PT Gouge it out :icondargvelk:dargvelk 9 0 Welcome In Silent Hills by SG00 Welcome In Silent Hills :iconsg00:SG00 39 3 Silent Hills P.T. alternate ending by 600v Silent Hills P.T. alternate ending :icon600v:600v 114 17 GA- steel doll Mad Munchkin by crosserdog1 GA- steel doll Mad Munchkin :iconcrosserdog1:crosserdog1 8 4
Silent Hills - P.T. [SAMPLE]
He was startled awake, his whole body shaking as he remembered that woman grabbing him, choking him, killing him. His breathing was ragged and his throat felt like it was on fire, but after a few minutes of steady breathing, he felt calm. It was a huge relief to find himself out of that twisted loop and in the dark cabin-like room where it all started again. The cool temperature of the room seemed to surround him, ebbing away the pain of his nightmare.
It took another moment for Norman to realize that something was different this time around.
Norman opened his eyes and looked down at his body. He was bound with rope lashed all over his body. He immediately began to thrash around in panic, feeling it rise up from his stomach as he realized the rope wasn’t letting go. It wasn’t a joke or part of his imagination. Rope had been wrapped around his wrists and ankles with professional skill, there was no give or room to slip out, he couldn’t even see the knots, let alone get
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 8 0
Hoovering by Lister-Of-Smeg Hoovering :iconlister-of-smeg:Lister-Of-Smeg 140 40
I Robot Fanfic
With a light glimp of a smile on his face Alfred Lanning observes with enourmous interest the
displayed model of his most new research : the posytronich brain reduced to the scale of a
human brain and designed to be the cpu of the new USR-NS 5 droids . Turnig around the
holographic display as he is also reading a little sheet of paper he whispers to himself he watches
the rotating image.
-Doctor , Mr.Robertson has left his officeroom and he is coming down here to check the advances
on the NS5 Droids , he will aproximatley arrive in two minutes.
With a light grunt the doctor returns from his thoughts and turns to watch the blue glimming string
attached right over the door.
-Thank you Viki.Turn off the holographic display and disconnect the recording System when he's
here . And please erase the last thirty minutes of video recording that has been made in this lab.
-As you whish doctor , but for security.....
-Viki it's an order so if ther is any doubt remember the three laws .
:iconlovelykillermonster:LovelyKillerMonster 3 12
simulacrum by EndOfTime simulacrum :iconendoftime:EndOfTime 31 27
2p!England x Detective!Reader
I shuffled the endless stack of papers and sighed for what seemed to be the millionth time today. This particular case I was working on was eating away at me, every time I got close to arresting a suspect new evidence came up that would clear them. A serial killer has been terrorizing (city name) for a full two years, sending citizens and the police department alike into fear and chaos. The signature was the same every time, the victim killed by a poison that is too common to trace and a half-eaten cupcake near their dead body. Why did this guy choose to use cupcakes as his vessel for poison? Beats me; I'm no psychopath. It amazed me how this guy (or girl) was able to evade every single curve ball we threw at him, but that wasn't what terrified me. All of his victims, every single one, had a connection to me. The guy who bullied me in high school was his first victim. I wrote it off as a coincidence at first, but when my ex boyfriend who broke my heart by cheating on me was his next vi
:iconmass1830:Mass1830 132 45
Male Reader x Leafa - Attack of the Astro Zombies!
Part 1.
You were sitting in a bar, a haze of cigarette smoke was all around, reading one of the newspapers. A briefcase filled with equipment sat next to your foot. Noise was everywhere as people were talking and music playing in the backround. You were wearing a long, black leather trenchcoat, a thin layer of fur lining the inside. You had a black shirt underneath and wore brown pans and black boots. You were getting dirty looks from the locals because they knew you were a cop but you didn't pay attention to them. You looked at your watch and saw it was 5:30 pm. You folded your paper and tucked it under your arm as you reached for your briefcase. You set some money on your table and walked out of the bar. The city was lit up with neon signs and the side-walks were over-crowded with people. You walked for a little bit and approached your hover car and got in. You typed in a name in the computer and a photo and a name and address appeared.
"Sheldon, John J." a voice said from your monit
:iconhellrider145:hellrider145 11 0
Stranger 3
Though he would deny it to his best ability, something inside Gerard had to admit that he was growing uncontrollably obsessed with Frank Iero. It had been less than a week since their event, and Frank hadn’t tried a single thing. Occasionally he would came into the room without clothes on after a shower and tease Gerard, but nothing physical. At first, he tried to convince himself that he was happy nothing was happening, but he was growing impatient and irritated. Afterall, the other boy seemed to have made it clear he was interested, so why suddenly was he distant?
They had only one class together, which was Math, in which they sat far away in any case, so the only time Gerard really got to see him was lunch and at nights in their room. In those times, he’d began to notice something that added to his growing curiosity. Frank would either leave them at lunch to speak to several people around the room, seeming incredibly popular so early into his stay, or at night he would sta
:iconderanged-but-fun:Deranged-but-fun 24 28
Hammer Actress Veronica Carlson's autograph 2 by wemayberry Hammer Actress Veronica Carlson's autograph 2 :iconwemayberry:wemayberry 3 0 1 Random by DudleyBrittany1399 1 Random :icondudleybrittany1399:DudleyBrittany1399 10 6 Grease Lightning by DudleyBrittany1399 Grease Lightning :icondudleybrittany1399:DudleyBrittany1399 11 12 Two creepies by DudleyBrittany1399 Two creepies :icondudleybrittany1399:DudleyBrittany1399 7 3





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FruitsofLabour Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2019  Professional Writer
Hello! I wanted to take a second and thank you for the favourite. I really hope you enjoyed my Silent Hills story, and I'd love to hear from you. I do have a quick question if you have a minute. What did you like about my page/work? And is there anything else you'd like to see me write? I'm always looking for critique, so this would be really helpful to know. Thank you so much. Have a great day!
guophcvmxehi Featured By Owner Edited Jan 9, 2019
Just write whatever makes you feel happy.

And If you are into silent hill, maybe something based on PT (what it could of been if it was a full game)
FruitsofLabour Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Writer
I've been considering going back and messing around with PT! It would be nice to play around with Norman a little more, haha. 
guophcvmxehi Featured By Owner 5 days ago
there is a updated PT  made to use in vr now (just in case the original wasn't terrifying enough already)
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guophcvmxehi Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2018
Happy New year, everyone!!!
guophcvmxehi Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018
XaldinWolfgang Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2018
Thank you for the fave.
guophcvmxehi Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018
That's ok
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guophcvmxehi Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018

Is it meant to mean something?
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