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Rules of submission:

:bulletblue::pointr: No WIP or Unfinished pieces.
:bulletblue::pointr: No stolen art (if it's not yours don't submit it)
:bulletblue::pointr: No Traditional Art for now
:bulletblue::pointr: Submit to the correct categories/appropriate folders.
:bulletblue::pointr: Please credit stock if used! (Even if it's yours!)
:bulletblue::pointr: Do NOT submit your own work to the Featured or Favorite Folder please
:bulletblue::pointr: Nudity is ALLOWED, but, must have some artistic value and must have the mature content warning enabled
:bulletblue::pointr: No EXTREME Gore or Violence (gore is allowed but not to the extreme), I'll like to keep this group people friendly:)

General Rules

:bulletred::pointr: No Obscene Language, on our homepage to be specific
:bulletred::pointr: No destructively criticizing submitted art
:bulletred::pointr: You can submit up to 6 deviations a week
:bulletred::pointr: Please Please Please! Submit to the correct folder
:bulletred::pointr: Respect all members

How do I Join?

:bulletred::pointr:To join our group simply go to our homepage digital-dreamscape.deviantart.… and click on the "JOIN THIS GROUP" button

How do I submit my art to this group?

:bulletred::pointr: Click the "contribute" button at the top or the "gallery" tab
:bulletred::pointr: If using the gallery tab: Find the most suitable folder for submitting then click the "+" sign on that gallery

What should I do if I submit to the wrong category/folder?

:bulletred::pointr: If you have submitted something to the wrong gallery then can either withdraw your submission and resubmit to the correct folder (You can only do this 5 times for obvious reasons.)

I have an important question to ask, what should I do?

:bulletred::pointr: Any question or suggestions you may have for the group please Note the group!

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