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Over the years I have been inspired by the many true talents of arts and designs from those who have mastered their craft and my dream was to one day reach that level of craftsmanship, so that other newcomers who see my work could be inspired to learn from, produce for themselves and grow from the work I produced. But as time moved on, I slowly began to shift my goals from loving my craft, to the dangerous and unforgiving realms of perfectionist absolute where my love for refining promising designs turned into a nightmare inducing struggle to perfect my work, to the point where it out right destroyed the joy and passion that I once had for it and in their place now sits the pain, frustration, hate filled disgust, banal viewings of all I see and the need to critique everything I produce in the most harshest of conditions. I have tried to move pass this mind set for many years now and it has come to the heart wrenching conclusion that the love and desire I once had for my work is gone, forever lost to the sands of time and that there is no gaining it back, which is why I will be stepping away from doing any artwork Indefinitely to avoid losing myself entirely to my madness in the pursuit of perfection.

It was an honor to have inspired the "few" who have found fascination in my artwork and designs, even if their was nothing great or interesting about them to begin with.

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