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Snake Boredom Killer

Started in Graphics Designs on spare time in Photoshop CS and finished at home in Photoshop CS4 Extended to kill my art block boredom. I'm trying to put myself back into Character Designing as I need to improve in some areas of Digital Coloring and Anatomy Posing. Any who just some random Anthro Snake/Salamander Guy just to kick things back off.

Will fix if Compressed Pixels Show.

Art & char.© GunZcon
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© 2009 - 2021 GunZcon
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EarlyMethod's avatar
Hi there, 

Is there any way I could use this as an Character in a MUD I like to play. 
We have policy there that we have to get artist permission and I promise to credit you for the art.
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There are so few snake anthers that actually have legs and stuff... which are exactly the kind of things I'm looking for! He's awesome, by the way. :heart:
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
It's the most adorable snake anthro I've ever seen yet(in regards to the face), good job with that background and pose
SgtYayap's avatar
lonelynightrain's avatar did a REALLy aweseom job with the shading, the muscle tone, the perspective of the light and dark contrast, and the glow of the eyes!
Great job!
I hope that you have a great and blessed day!
May the Lord keep you and your family safe!
I have a name for him... Aeleus. :3
Rhodenris's avatar
That is just too cool for words. :)
Mephistodin's avatar
sleek 0.o does tho havith a furaffinity page?
Yep and you bet me to the Point there.^^
Mephistodin's avatar
lol, yup, i do that some times
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