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Kirby (Kingdom Key)

Well with the announcement of Sora from Kingdom Hearts finally joining as the Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character, I thought I make a complimentary artworks of kirby wielding the titular weapon of the Kingdom Hearts Series.  I'm so happy to finally see our boy Sora get an official representation in the most popular crossover fighting game,  although Its heavily disappointing that our titular pink puff kirby here will not be using any weapons as a Copy/Special Ability, instead opting to only using magic attacks.

Tools: SketchUp Pro 2019, Vray for SketchUp version 5.10.06,  Cintiq Pro "32" Touch.

Kirby (C). Nintendo, HAL Laboratory, Inc.

Kingdom Key (C). Square Enix, Disney Interactive Studios, Inc.

Artwork (C). GunZcon (Wesley Fax)

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© 2021 GunZcon
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Oh good lord, as if Kirby wasn't already OP, Kirby with a keyblade would be an absolute monster.

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I assume they just want to keep things canon with Kingdom Hearts lore and not let Kirby forcefully copy the Keyblade.

That can be challenged with Kairi with the accidental Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony, where Kairi unintentionally inherits the Keyblade from Aqua when she runs to hide behind Aqua in Hollow Bastion.

This means that if Kirby were to inhale and swallow sora through the Copy/Special Ability technique, he would basically be performing a similar Inheritance Ceremony, which would allow him the ability to summon the Keyblade.

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Inheritance Ceremony through literal word of mouth though, haha. XD