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That can be challenged with Kairi with the accidental Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony, where Kairi unintentionally inherits the Keyblade from Aqua when she runs to hide behind Aqua in Hollow Bastion.

This means that if Kirby were to inhale and swallow sora through the Copy/Special Ability technique, he would basically be performing a similar Inheritance Ceremony, which would allow him the ability to summon the Keyblade.

Kirby (Kingdom Key)

Yes I knew at the time of this being created, however I'm one of the few artist to not default to the usual mindset of slapping unnecessary features on characters to distinguish and identify an obvious gender role, especially when it's done on a species of animal that doesn't have or require a need for such features. That type of mindset is only required when instituting a stylized role for a degree of aesthetics appeal of the sexual kind.

Marahute Anthro Concept

Thank you for the lengthy and helpful exposition on this, It's very rare to have someone who actually cares about seeing a design series through give honest to good criticism that actually helps the artist rather then belittle them with hollow praise or soul crushing abhorrence or anathema thrown towards them. I can definitely agree with you that most if not all artists nowadays have grown accustom and complacent with their position in terms of art while at the same time losing their "fertility" or backbone to take even the most bare minimum of evaluation, defaulting to the "This is my style so deal with it" or "It was deliberate so its ok" excuse to justify the flaws in their work, for me it took taring myself apart mentally about my work to finally see that outside opinions and criticisms would be the only way for me to actually improve, as it would allow me to hear and see what others may have to offer in order to grow and refine certain design ideas and implementing them in a believable manner.

To start off, the Anthro-Form of kian is actually the initial starting rendition that went through multiple changes that led up to the Naga-Form of him which is still in its incomplete state, as I lost faith in the concept after realizing that I could not make the design look good in any realistically "believable" way, at least from a 2D perspective point of view. I tried my best to replicate the iridescent look of the scales but since it was my first time trying out such an effect it ended up looking the way you see here. The color scheme was also an experiment to see how the design would look featuring real world tones that some wild king cobras have, but that didn't come out as good here as in the real world, healthy wild king cobra's have light brown while unkempt to near shed Kings have dark brown to black scales.

As for the character it self, he's pretty much as you described it, a mystery, since I haven't given any time to myself to give him a solid foundation. If I ever get the chance at perfecting his overall design then I will give him a back story to go with it, but for now my mind set is prefixed on fleshing out a design for him that is worth being taken seriously from a believable and pleasing to the eyes prospective, and I'm willing to accept any form of help that would allow me to achieve that very goal if possible.

Kian Naja Final (Albino Colors)

and it was very much well voiced and welcomed with open arms as it will help to perfect and change the status quo on the current stuck mind set of some artist that their are more then just one way to do character designs.

Kian Naja Final (Albino Colors)

Thank you for your honest input on this rendition, and to answer that curiosity yes this along with two other past iterations of him I intentionally featured more real world cobra features, as I've grown tired of the unrealistic and unbelievable cartoon features of the past versions of him that has been referenced and used by others to hell and gone, their for losing the uniqueness it once had.

The size of the head was made small to give more attention to the flared up hood, although now I realized that it is more of a distraction then a benefit, so I will be sizing it up to a fair degree to balance out its proportions so that its not as jarring. As for the face it is meant to represent a true to life real king cobra which leaves little to no room to be expressive with it, at least visually in a universally pleasing manner.

The scales were drawn individually without much of any good references to use in terms of true high resolution references, so I was forced to wing it with what little I can, hence the piss poor alignment and arrangement of them in the end result.

All in all I thank you for being caring enough to voice your opinion on the concept and being constructive on the areas that need the most attention, rest assured I will be going back to this piece and will make the appropriate corrections that you sighted here in the hopes of perfecting the concept and will update this in due time. If things do turn out well in the way I hope I might return to my older design styles and trickle down some of the newer features into them as a hopeful fun experiment to shake up the current status quo on anthropomorphic snakes in the art community.

Kian Naja Final (Albino Colors)