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My Bio

I'm a 30 year old male living in Florida and have lived here my entire life. I planned on moving out on at least three occasions and all three were thwarted by some outside interference which forced me to return home. Whether it injury, condolences, or otherwise.

I've lived my life well and true for the last 30 years through strife, tribulation, and drama. I graduated High School in 2011 and have since lived in the realm of this tiny town ever since. As per my occupation, I'm a former Staff Associate for the local Funeral Home. It was a dark job that needed doing but was very difficult on the mind, soul, and body.

In 2008, I began a very wonderful but tumultuous time in my life that was moderated quite nicely via Youtube and the experiences I went through in my time there along with joining my very first fandom: the "Sonic X Fandom", which caught my interest at the time, and the whole debacle concerning the recolor controversy, prevalence of R34 and what not was a newly growing concern, as by 2009-2010, I had left the fandom for good and of course entered a minor portion of the Furry Fandom... But /that/ is a whole 'nother story for a whole 'nother day.



I miss her terribly. She disappeared only 6-8 months into this absolutely wonderful chapter in my life and has been missing ever since and there's word she's still alive and fine, but I have no contact and cannot find out.

Daisy, hun. If you're out there and you see this? Send me a note. Please. I want to know how you're doing.


Current Residence: Florida. Probably always will be.

Favourite genre of music: All sorts of Doo Wop. (Frantic Doo Wop, Uptempo Doo Wop, Doo Wop Ballads.), Northern Detroit Soul, Rock & Roll, Electronica, Orchestral, Synthwave, Vaporwave, Outrun, 80s New Wave, Metal, and so on. Not a fan of Country or Rap, however. Hip-Hop is great, though.

Favourite style of art: Music

Favourite Musical artist: The Midnight, Sam Cooke, Frankie Valli, Van Halen, Neil Sedaka, Johnny Burnette, KISS.

Operating System: Windows 8.1

MP3 player of choice: I haven't had an MP3 player in about 11 years.

Favourite cartoon character: Currently I can't say have one. Previously was Sonic, circa. 2006, but, circa. 2010-2014, I'd say an MLP Character.

Favourite Quote: "Can bugs get asthma?"

Favourite Visual Artist
Dimfann and 8BitsofMagic
Favourite Movies
Titanic, 2012, Day After Tomorrow, Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralph, Inside Out, Deepwater Horizon, Bruce Almighty
Favourite TV Shows
Twin Peaks, Lost, Glitch, Castle, Forever, Resurrection, Under The Dome, Stranger Things, The 4400, Orange is the New Black, 11.22.63, Sleepy Hollow, Grimm
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Sam Cooke, Frankie Valli, Neil Sedaka, Johnny Burnette, The Overtones
Favourite Books
Flight 116 is Down, HOOT, The Pigman, Song of the Trees series(Roll of Thunder, Let the circle be unbroken. etc.)
Favourite Writers
Caroline B. Cooney, Paul Zindel, Mildred D. Taylor
Favourite Games
Deus Ex, Half Life, Fallout, GTA, Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
History, Ocean Liners, Video Games, Football
The whole "Finding my old friends" thing fell flat on it's face here recently as I realized why I wasn't getting any responses. I suppose that salty grudges and hatred are held for a life time and some people just don't grow up 9 years after the fact...
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Still on the path to finding my old friends and catching up with them. Whether they stay or not is their ultimate choice. I'd really just love to know how they are and how life has been for them.. I miss you all and I still love you guys!
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Jacked this from !! <3   (I don't think I ever figured out how to do the Icon thing) the basics - primary name: Jeremiah - alternate names/nicknames: Jer, Jerry, Jerm, Big J, Jerbear(LOVERS ONLY, FOLKS) - gender: M A L E - pronouns: He/Him - birthday: August 28th - zodiac sign: Virgo - kintypes (if applicable): Why has this ever become a thing? appearance: - height: 5' 9" - eye colour: Green - hair colour: Ginger - tattoos?: Never - piercings?: Always wanted Snakebites when I was younger, but no. - favourite outfit: Five Nights at Freddy's T, Black and Red shorts and my Crocs(yes,
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Hey, happy birthday, again ; )
Thank you so very much! :heart:
GUUUNNNTTTHHHHEEEERRRR I ALB JOO!!! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333