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Uk Gamer

The 2nd in a series of 4 pics, UK online gamer pic.
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this is really great ! But buildings look so far, giving me the feeling that this man lives in the sky :p anyway it's great :)
dmonghost's avatar
Nice pixel art. Should have called it English gamer though. Scottish, Irish and welsh people hate it. Like when Americans say "Briddish" then do an old fashioned English accent. Cool pic.
ya90ya's avatar
I like it very much :highfive:
awittyusername's avatar
id like to know where in the UK you'd be able to find an apartment with a view like that :P your work is quite amazing.
LostSoulFading's avatar
This is pretty awesome
DATC's avatar
Heheh, this is very cool.
sedgemonkey's avatar
I love all the miscellaneous objects floating about his pad... the robot, the car, the cactus. Everything is just so damn detailed.

Mega Kudos!
walkingstranger's avatar
Neat :clap: Some of the stuff in his room is just awesome lol
rocksicle's avatar
We don't have that many skyscrapers! :o
I like the detail of the PS2 games in the book case
sabotage's avatar
look, its awesome but the same objects repeat in ur works all the time, just different colors of the room or character, its awesome, its creative, its cool, but copying and pasting in different places of the image is just plain simple.. btw, i see many objects that i see in * multivitamin 's is it ur other account? did u get permission? nm.. im out
vincepx's avatar
your stuff's too crazy man!!
battousai's avatar
where is the ps2's network adapter?
littlereddevil's avatar
Got to give this one a thumps up +fav just for the three lions on the wall, very nice!
deathwarrent's avatar
HAHAHA! the england poster is bad ass! lol, and there is fish and chips! woot! this roxorz
dbug's avatar
Well, all I have to say has already been told by others :) (Smile)
gunstar-red's avatar
Yes multivitamin I agree with what you say about the re-use of objects, it wasnt down to talent it was just down to time scale, all 4 of these pics were done over a 2 day period to meet a magazine deadline which meant I just couldnt physically spend time pixeling 100% individual elements for each pic. Given an extra week I would of included many things that didnt appear in the final images.
OliverJanoschek's avatar
even if it looks great, I think you are much to talented to use your objects over and over in your scenes. I don't think that you will have problems to add more variety to your pictures. No offence, I LIKE the picture but I would really like to see a completely NEW scene of yours

and another thing (did you notice that the red cable ends before your scene ends? looks kinda weird)

still great picture
splat's avatar
Wonderful work again. Love the Soundwave in the background, like your USA piece. I also love the Street Fighter characters, Chun Li, Ryu, and that other guy... always forget his name...

Anyway, the lava lamp is probably my favorite object here though. The color is magnificent, as is the shape and the lava. Well done. =) (Smile)
two11two's avatar
Oh wow, it's all about the city in the window there. You could've released that as a stand alone piece and people would go nuts over it. And I see my favorite table is back... :) (Smile)
radink's avatar
Very nicely done!!
icarus-ica's avatar
HEY , there´s an error in the pic !
it must be germany 5 - england 1 ;) (Wink) .. just jokin

i´m not interested in football .... , but this pixelart is
yet again COOL WORK !

Jamming to mah stereo Pills Slow
wardee's avatar
The man looks weird!! Nah only joking great stuff dude.
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