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USA Gamer

And the 2nd in tonight double bill the 3rd pic in a series of 4 USA gamer.

This versions includes the edited Star Wars characters and poster that had to remove from the final pic.
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Yep that's us alright. lol
looks like me..
dodow1234's avatar
nice, remind me of...... myself!!!
deepdesign's avatar
cool, but TV is OFF?.. :O
diver's avatar
HAHAHA Oh man, this is SOOO true. He's fat, the xbox is fat... even the TV is fat! haha Oh man, the US... we need to excersize so bad!
ya90ya's avatar
haha, very impressive. But is more like playing PS3 :D
goku123456's avatar
nice pic
good job

what program did u use?
Furi-ku's avatar
dude im sooo jealous of that kids room, i love it. And that xbox is huge :drool:
B-positive's avatar
your work is great tell me what you think please


ne0pxi's avatar
It's a really big X-box!!!!
randomdude's avatar
this is so ridiculously satirical in my eyes, and the size of the xbox (a complaint of many) seems as if it's only mocking the enormous size of xboxes...great job, and i hope i dont offend you when i say you've perfected the art of satiring american culture :)
jimmjrg's avatar
awsome, i love pixel art.
frothymilkshake's avatar
Awesome!! Keep them coming in!
gas13's avatar
I'm thinking of improving that fault by myself... :D (Big Grin)
sabotage's avatar
look, its awesome but the same objects repeat in ur works all the time, just different colors of the room or character, its awesome, its creative, its cool, but copying and pasting in different places of the image is just plain simple.. btw, i see many objects that i see in * multivitamin 's is it ur other account? did u get permission? nm.. im out
gas13's avatar
Will you made a Russian gamer room? :) (Smile)
remiks's avatar
hahahaha that big ass xbox! this is i love your work!
koioo's avatar
this is really great. one thing i would say is the xbox should be bigger =P (Razz)
anexine's avatar
My god the x box is so small =x

=p (Razz)
nikitamoh's avatar
dbug's avatar
Seems normal to get a XBOX on a US gamer picture, no ?

Well, I don't vote here, would like to see the final version with a picture on screen before, because like this it's quite empty.
umbrageous's avatar
everytime i look at thi, i find somthing new :D (Big Grin)
calcaliber's avatar
this blows me away.

but the xbox and pizza box look the same size.

hmm i should try that at my friends house.
psy-sci's avatar
whats the green stuff on the pizza?
j/k great work
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