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A story made in close cooperation with :iconstrangejack:, about a company that would, through mergers, become Pricom. 

The main characters involved are directly related to my other stories - Ella and the Accountant are the parents of Anna from Blazing Hearts, which takes place concurrently with most Pricom stories. 
The Anna from Blazing Hearts is named after the Anna in this in-universe. 

The three sentries in this one are essentially proto-pricoms - with a different look to them thanks to the decades in difference. Most notable, they have actual clothing, though something resembling the classic outfit is underneath. 
Shockpads are a little too small to exist this early, so they're in hotpants instead. There's a big box on their lower back, containing a power supply for both the headset unit and the electrodes that make up the proto-shockpads.
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Awww man, I really feel sorry for Anna. I'm guessing Ella and the Accountant decided to name their daughter in memory of her? Shame that Anna hasn't really lived up to the friendly one in this story.