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Moon base

I know there would'nt be rust on the moon, I just want to make it look interesting with those rusty pipelines. Who knows what will happen in 100 years :D

I hope you guys like it !
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Who says it has to be rust? Maybe they're copper pipes that haven't (and won't) turn green.
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reminds me a building from old Laser Squad game
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Excellent! :clap:
And with all the solar radiation hitting the lunar landscape, there could be something akin to "rust" anyway! :wow:
Well done! :D
: star: : star: : star: : star: : star:
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clear pipes pumping rust.
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"Everyone knows martians communicate telepathically through space operators on their moon base!"
Lol, had to, anyway, very nicely done; all of that area makes the whole thing feel lonely and empty. And who's to say there couldn't be rust? We've not all been there to see so for ourselves.
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Really great! And you're right; who knows? We could have the atmosphere altered to something just like that of Earth's. Nothing's impossible. :P
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this is great!
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Lets call it a extraterrestrial Bacteria that's eating up Metal. Bacillus Xeno-ferrarum... :eyepopping:
But i fully i agree, the rusty color gives a nice Contrast to the rest of the Moon. :clap:
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wow! good work^^ you are an amazing artist:D:D
sorry for my bad englishxD
sorry for my bad spanishxD
I'm from Italy:heart:
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Maybe it's SPACE RUST! :noes:

Nice image, good work. :)
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