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Dragon hatchery

My entry for EoW this week. Lots of fun and great stuff this time, and I've learned so much from everyone. Good luck y'all and vote for me if you like my entry, thanks. Ready for next round guys !!!!!
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wow dam, nice work a true vision, completely created from nothing and with such depth and an awesome display of an original and well thought out conception of a futuristic setting. Surly a story is behind it as I could make a story to go with it for my own amusement just by looking at it. All your creativity brings everything you do to light and a well lighting effect on all of them is well deserved you are a real master at this and hope you continue your work. Thank you for your efforts and hope you have a good life since you have made mine better already
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this is awesome (:
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did they take over the construction? My environments aren't this awesome yet xD
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I need to start participating in the weekly challenges. Great work dude.