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The Soldier's Creed
In death we live, in life we die.  Our skills and traits shall never lie.  As living thunder we serve the light and damn the darkness we exist to fight.  We feel no pain and seek no relief, prepare for the truth of the Soldier's Creed. It is a soldier's life we lead and this is the way we sing our creed. We do not cry, we barely bleed, this is the way of the Soldier's Creed. In lines of death we march along, waiting to sing the devil's song.  Within the fire we shall stand, upon the lives of fellow men.  Our might defined, our lives unwind, witness the sorrow of the creed. With broken lives and broken homes, this is the way we sing our cr
'The Kid'
One Devious Man
Facial Experimentation
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About 95% of my art is done with a simple mechanical pencil and a normal pen-type eraser.

I have been a hobby artist for four years and spend most of my creativity on portraits and experimentation with facial features in cartooning, though I have been known to draw things that are a bit more life-like. I am not a big fan of still-life drawings and I very rarely put any work into creating backgrounds; I like to focus on people rather than objects.

I see little value in sharing my work, however recently I have been informed that I could use a little "creative criticism" from the Deviant Art community. For the most part, I use art as a way of relaxing and expressing thoughts I can not form into proper words.
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