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To Julian

always be proud~
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wow i really like ur style
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you do a Great work ......
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love how sketchy this looks

nice expressions
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i like your style.
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very good looking work ... i love your style its very clean but has its own certian taint to it. -_-
moechataneko's avatar
i like that shirt :]
ASH06's avatar
Rockin' stylle < 3
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I wish I was julian! x3
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I really dig your style. I love your strokes.
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your work is amazing...i Love it!!
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nice sketch, I especially like the girl's expression, very nicely done,
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ur style is one of my fave :heart:
this one is very elegant and soft!
i love the thinness of ur lineart and the details! *3*
i esp love how they both fade out (top/bottom) the girl's hair + facial expression is very cute and stylish! and the guy's tattoo is hawwtt :heart:
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u cud make bazillions with this style, like in advertising, particularly fashion etc. fun fun :love:
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wow the boy looks very similiar to this guy i know called ryan when he was much younger
HLT-Chise's avatar
Very interesting estile!!!
I love the pencil art :heart:
jebadiah831's avatar
great the poses
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Jules must be a happy man. I like the way you do anatomy very much. great feelin for it.
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yeah, nice strokes you got there..and i love their hairstyles :heart:
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