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I'm really not familiar with traditional themes, like clothes and hair and so on, so this one took me extra long time to finish... not quite satisfied, hope next one could be better...
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I really like the way this image flows and their facial expressions convey the difference in perspectives of the situation they have found themselves in. Interested to hear the story behind this one.
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This is lovely!
I want to get this tattooed, may I? :P
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I have no words, it is such a strange moment, this painting is part of a dream, it is like you entered my dream!!!
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Ce dessin est très beau et expressif! :D
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I'm not checkin' deviant art too often but sometimes check your new stuff and.. I still think that this is your most incredible work!
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Everything is so.. round.. I love it :heart:
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Absolutely amazing<3

The womans hand, so feminin and perfectly drawed.
Also the colours, all grey, black, and white..wonderful compination
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look like Mulan.

everything looks good, need work on the flow and lining of clothes.

having the child in the centre of the piece is quite effective.
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beautiful eyes... and great flower patterns :aww:
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closeness :heart:
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Very inspiring and really wonderful!
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woooow :clap: very nice style
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o0ooooohhh.. this is really pretty and pure c:
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omg thats so amazing!!!!! so awesome and pretty!!!!
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I adore this so much. The faces are so captivating.
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I love the face of the child and the woman, they are simple but very imposing. beautiful work! :O
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ur art is so beautifu!!
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