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Sauroposeidon proteles Skeletal

Finally, the single best translated dinosaur name of all time properly skeletalized. Not too much to say, really fun to put this one together. Love all the small differences between it & Paluxysaurus (& the slightly less closely related Europatitan).
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at long last... we finally have a good one...

also yeah, what's the ruling on Paluxysaurus and Sauroposeidon these days, anyway?

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Thank you! There's still some debate on it, I still think the two are distinct. There just hasn't been much discussion on them since 2013 (certainly not much published).

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Fair enough! ^-^

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Still think this and Paluxysaurus are the same taxon... A Great skeletal again!

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Thank you! I'm still opposite lol. Planning on a Paluxysaurus skeletal soon.