c'mon Kakashi hit dat shyt yo
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This is one of the MANY commissions I've been doing (but not posting, cuz I'm stupid). Kakashi and Anko under a tree, having a moment together.

I'm 26, been out of college for FIVE years, and I STILL don't have a job in my field.

What the heck is wrong with me?

Please do not comment about how you think Kakashi should be with (insert random Naruto character here), cuz this was a commission, and I don't wanna hear it.

Oh yeah, this took me forever to ink.

Characters (c) Masashi Kishimoto

Art (c) Matt Burt
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Wow, hi! You might have deleted my comment from yeeeeears ago, but I was one of those "ugh I don't understand this ship blah blah!" comments. It was so long ago, but it was one of those things that I just suddenly remembered and then couldn't shake. In high school, I had a lot of viewpoints that are just not right, you know? So when I remember some jerk stuff I said or did, it's hard to forget about it. Anyway, on behalf of young me, I'd like to formally apologize for being insensitive. This art is actually really well done and super cute! :)
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Tinkerbird08|Hobbyist General Artist
so cute!
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Loves it. This is done really well. And honestly, I can't stand it when people freak out about the pairings in Naruto... I'm not naming names but nearly all the pairings in Naruto are really obvious.

Back to the artwork - well done! Kakashi looks so natural here. Nice.
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hahaha love the name of the pic lol
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pgushi|Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I read Mockingbyrd´s journal and I found your work at other person´s gallery [link]

The thief submitted the art theft at july, 6, and said that your fanart was done by his cousin.

I hope you can the art theft down.
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This is one of my Fave KakaAnko pics. Commission or not, great job! ^^
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This is SO good.
And I'd imagine it'd take a while to ink, but, fantastic job.
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Anko-sensei|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could I color this one? o.o
I know it's a commission you did xD, but I always loved this artwork ^^
If I can't it's ok o,o
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Is it just me or does Anko look really cute when she's asleep?
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This is so AWESOME!
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I colored this;)-->[link]
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:heart:Yay KakashixAnko:dance::heart:
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this is cute
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this is BEYOND amazing
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Papineau|Hobbyist General Artist
u got talent man
They look great together
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great job. I think it's great!
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oh i love that pic!!! even though no one ever draws ankoxdeidara...i saw this pic on youtube!
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really good artwork!:)
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LilMissFangirl|Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome job! :nod:
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kendaru-chan| Traditional Artist
i lurve it!!!!!
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This is beatiful, I love it!
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