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TWO NEW BOOKS for Anthrocon 2012!!

By gunmouth
You see before you the covers for :iconkamicheetah: 's new book, "The Kami Sutra"and my book "Night Realms: Mora!"

Each book is a collection of our comics FINALLY released in printed format, along with behind-the-scenes sketches and notes! Aside from that, there are two hot, sexy asses on these covers, begging for your purchase!

"But GuNMouTH... I... th-those asses... I NEED them on my bookshelf!! I don't have any money...but... but I can chop off my ARM and mail it to you!!!" you say. And, were we in a much more primitive society where organs were used as currency; or, say we were stranded somewhere in the icy mountains, and the only possible means for survival was the consumption of human meat... then MAYBE that would work! Luckily, that is not the case, you can keep your arm, and I won't have to go to court, for these books are going for a mere <b]$25 EACH!!!</b>

**Both are over 70 pages and in FULL COLOR F/M and F/F action!!**

Limit of 2 per customer at Anthrocon. Get them directly from :iconkamicheetah: and I at our artist alley table or the Club Stripes booth at Anthrocon 2012!!
**CS Billing LEVELS UP!!**

I would also like to let it be known that CLUB STRIPES has switched credit card services!

What does this mean...?

***People who had trouble paying before (especially those in foreign countries who were previously denied access) may now have an easier time subscribing!***

More details here: [link]

We are VERY happy to finally be able to broaden our audience! We are also VERY THANKFUL to those of you who have supported us thus far! You guys keep our characters alive.


Speaking of characters being alive, check out the "Sinnamon Bears," Pink and Red, in their new Ask Blog!!


And if that wasn't enough, Jam has started one as well!


Go ahead... ASK THEM QUESTIONS!! Or just talk to them! They MIGHT just give you an answer... or they might just randomly start makin' out. Either way,YOU WIN, cuz it's FREE!!!

This is only the beginning of what's to come, guys! Much love to everyone! Thanks for being with us! Also, tell a friend! The more the merrier!
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Acosmist-Otaku's avatar
So, is there an online store or something? I've had little success finding anything for Kami Sutra, though I think I found Night Realms Mora online. I just found out about this yesterday, and would like to purchase a copy.
RailroadBrony's avatar
so, is Night Realms just a compilation of the comics already released online, or are they new stories?
narro12's avatar
i tottally ship mora with dogan...
Mellomoni's avatar
I've seen hem all kissy cousins were my favorite<3
trizero91489's avatar
My balls were half way dry when I saw this.
moldred's avatar
I got the Graphic Novel The Kami Sutra at Anthrocon. The artwork and story are great. BUT...
Border less printing is fine for prints and stickers (single page stuff) but if you don't leave borders on bound material some of the art and dialogue get lost in the binding.
The only way to see/read the whole stories is to break the binding and/or cut the pages out which kind of defeats the idea of a graphic novel...
RuizBr's avatar
I wish dorukolorukalai were as famous as sergals....

They are such awesome specie!!
Are they going to be avaible for digital purchase? How about Clubs Stripes member, do they have to buy it or is it going to be avaible for them in Club Stripes?
Kain241's avatar
hello, i recently saw one of what im assuming are your comics featuring Mara on, and i was wondering if there was an official place where they can be viewed. if you have already answered this before, im sorry.

btw, I love the behind mara and her race. :D
Kain241's avatar
I just re-read my comment, i ment to say, the concept behind mara and her race. :p sorry..
TheEvilPeanut's avatar
lol I like her behind too.
Wulfcole's avatar
i hope that u are still selling later
joshio1's avatar
looking forward to more Mora and Mara :D
Aralepus's avatar
mmm butts, very nice work, dig the coloring. I think I'll have some of that bong action, a lil opium now and then is good for the soul. =D
telofax's avatar
Is there any possibility of these books being made available for international shipping at some point in the future? I've seen the stories digitally, but these books look so sweet that I would really like to buy them.
gunmouth's avatar
After Anthrocon, we will see what we can do about shipping them. i'm sure we can work it out. :)
ChaloDillo's avatar
Grats to you two! I wish I could get a hold on those too.
tritie's avatar
i always liked mora :), are they available online?
kamicheetah's avatar
I'm sure they will be available after the convention through the hot cider press store.
Ether-Enereon's avatar
Very unlikely. All the awesome stuff seems to be either exclusive to Club Stripes (which I can't afford to subscribe to), or some conventions in America (which I can't afford to attend).
Sprit-X's avatar
I really dig Mora! XD Hope to see more of her to come... if ya know what I mean. ;)
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