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hinnies: heathcliff [updated]

By gunhorse
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who am I to say no to the starry donkeycorns. orz

healthcliff Bullet; Red male (he/him) Bullet; Blue kiddo

healthcliff thinks he's the hottest shit in town, but if he doesn't get his way (it doesn't work out or he fails at something) he will sit down and bawl big ghibli baby tears. his background is on fire because that's what he would think is cool.

idk about this design tbh but I am gonna make efforts so hopefully it will work out! Thumbs Up 

clip studio paint
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hes so cute?? big smartass whiny bb i love him
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aaa thank you! he is a lil shit and I love him.
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Oh he's got really interesting colour combo w/ the primary colours combo thing going on~ Gosh I'm like dying at the big ghibli baby tears part pffft he's really just a big marshmallow
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yeah he's a lil butt crybaby tbh. he likes to think he's a cool tough guy but heathcliff plz.

thanks for the sweet comment! crossing my fingers I can get the color combo to work lol.
Ange-ll-os's avatar
Maybe one day he'll be the cool tough guy of his dreams LOL
You're welcome~ Mmmm I bet he'll look really interesting once you start to put markings and such on him!
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His colors are so bright and nice! :0
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aw thank you so much! I'm trying to go for a primary color palette + white in the end but having a time trying to figure out shades that don't fight lol.
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Ooh smart! I made mine super fast forgetting to even think about that sort so I'm having trouble thinking of markings, but I think I figured it out! c:
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oh nice! she's a super-cutie-pie I wish you good luck developing her. <3
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Aww thank you! <3 To you to!
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