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David Turner
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I'm currently 19 and I make electronic music. I'm attempting to turn that into my career. I have other things I can do though. I'm a pretty OK photographer and I can make decent pictures on the computer too.


What a relief. It's about time that so called "life" is done and over with. I have to say though; I was expecting it to be a bit less painful. Well I suppose that I can't predict what being blown up by a giant space rock thing would feel like. You're probably wondering who I am.... Well, was anyways. My name was Lilith.

I was about 17 when the impact happened. My birthday had just past a few months before. It wasn't anything special. No one came to it, and why would they? I'm not important enough to interrupt their time. I didn't really get anything either. Well, other than the knowledge of living another terrible year. My guardians, if you can even call them that, gave me an apartment. It was shit. Two of the three walls (someone actually tore down one of the fucking walls for fun) had holes that were occupied by miscellaneous living things. It also had a horrible smell to it, as if someone had died.

I call them "guardians" because "parents" is too complimenting for them. They only got me the apartment so they could fuck without having to deal with their "needy" child. I accepted the so called "gift” because it was a slight freedom ticket for me. I mean, I could actually do what I wanted now. I just wish I would have done a bit more with the freedom. I fucked up anyways. I knew that I couldn't possibly have this much freedom and be happy.

I was happy for a brief moment in my life though, and that was good enough for me. The fuck up was that I met someone. He was amazing. He managed to take what I thought I didn't have anymore, and it was wonderful. I actually had a reason to exist, for a while at least. I guess he didn't feel the same way about me because he ended up disappearing. He just stopped coming around as if he didn't exist anymore.

That hurt more than the explosion. I swear I actually felt something break when I finally came to the conclusion. Well, about a month later I moved on and was numb again for the most part. I no longer had any feelings. I wasn't happy or sad, I wasn't hurt either. I simply didn't feel. It was as if I was already dead.

During those months between the impact and my numb phase, some "eventful" things happened. Although I didn't do much, the missing wall allowed me to see several things outside. Now that I think of it, I looked kinda creepy in a sort of funny way: Just standing in the middle of a hole in the wall of an apartment, staring down at people. I saw several people get hurt, physically and mentally.

 I don't exactly live in a very good area. The missing wall should have been a dead giveaway. Anyways, the things I saw were just everyday occurrences where I lived. People would get robbed in plain sight and rarely would anyone do anything about it. Some people would wait for them to finish the robbery and then rob them, which usually resulted in someone dying. Oh well, it was also an unusual sight seeing what had happened to me from a third person point of view. Someone getting hurt mentally isn't a pleasant sight. It can actually be quite scary.

I finally got back to normal and was able to feel a bit now. I started going back outside and doing things again. I hadn't talked to my guardians since I moved into the apartment. Turns out they died. Yay? There was a robbery and they teamed up to rob the guy who did it. The guy apparently had backup and they shot and killed them on the spot.

Have I mentioned how interesting it is here? It's not exactly quiet, but it's better than feeling alone. There are lots of people here. Well, I suppose there would be because the explosion was pretty big. It's unusual though. There are beings that I've never seen before. They look really similar to what I look like but are somewhat different. It's not something I can explain but they're very nice.... Well, most of them.

Some of them you could tell that they wanted to hurt someone. They looked like it too. Some were upset about the massive amount of people that appeared. They didn't do much though. Maybe the occasional "back the fuck away!" look in their eyes, but other than that, I think it was mostly fear. I mean they've probably never seen anything that was able to understand them other than their own people.

I made friends with one of them. I think she liked me, which was weird seeing as how I was a girl too, but I just went with it. It was also weird because of how much we had in common. You know, because of the whole "different race" thing. We told each other about where we had lived and how we got here. She told me that her planets sun had exploded. I told her that ours had about 600 years ago, according to our history books, and that's why we have an artificial sky. Her mind was blown when she heard that. I guess it destroyed her whole planet. It must have been a small one because ours barely got burned.

Did I say that her planet was called Earth? I thought it was weird naming something after what it's made of. Anyways, I've lost track of time here so I don't know how long I've been here, but what felt like a few days ago, she opened up to me. I've never really had interest in girls but I guess she was kind of an exception because she wasn't really the same type of person as me, literally.

It's fun here. You can do anything you want. There aren’t any rules here and there's no reason for anyone to do anything bad here so it makes sense. Everyone gets everything they want. Even some of the more sinister things like murder. It works differently here though. Yes, you kill them, but it's not actually them. It's a copy of the person and the original gets wiped from existence. From the murderer's point of view that is. Everything goes everyone's way here and it's great. It's so much better than life.

My now partner, Raya, has been here a while. She's been here for what she said seemed like 60 years. She still looks and acts my age though, so it's okay I guess. People don't age here. We all just change our visual age as we please. I liked being young, and I had never really experienced being any older than 17 so I just stayed 17. Raya never told me how old she was when she died, but I'm assuming it was around 17 too because she looked and acted about that age.

I never got to tell you about the day of the impact, did I? Well, it started like a normal day, as you would expect. Things weren't working right though. Any type of object that ran off of electricity would randomly glitch for about a half second. In that half second, something popped up. I was never able to get a good look at it but it looked like some sort of symbol. I didn't think much of it at the time.

Later that day, things started to get dark. I thought it was Altacin, one of the floating cities that our people made for the rich, years ago, flying over. I realized it wasn't when the sky was still quiet and there weren’t any hard winds. That and everything started to get a shade of purple. After that, everything went fucking insane. The phones only had static with the occasional moans and things with screens started to glitch in and out even worse than before. It was a really static image that was nearly unrecognizable.

What happened next was gruesome; People started melting. One second they were just minding their own business, and the next, their eyes were fucking exploding, and they turned into nothingness. It was fucking terrifying. The only thing I could do was look up. What I saw was a massive, glowing purple ball. That's when it hit.

Passing on was easy. I literally just flew to outer space. I was going way to fast to see anything, but I felt myself pass through something. The next thing I knew, I was here. It was so sudden. I couldn't even comprehend what the fuck just happened. I saw thousands if not millions of people suddenly appear out of nowhere.

I have to say, dying wasn't as climatic as I was hoping it to be. I thought there would be some hidden way to get to some place where only people who died can go. Now I'm not a religious person because of how shitty things were during my time being alive, but my perspective of the afterlife was still similar to what everyone thought it would be.

Where I was from, my people believed that when you pass, some all-powerful guy would come and judge us. It was pretty similar to what Raya told me religion was like with her people. I don't like being judged and he didn't seem to do anything to help me get through life like everyone said he would so I stopped believing in that.

I'm actually kinda glad he's not real. I would have had so much shit to say to him. I would have probably been sent somewhere else. People still believe in him though. They think that this is just some sort of test. Some people just never give up. They need something they can cry to and refuse to believe that that something doesn't exist.


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