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Hey, guys.

if we create "Gundam SEED A-STAR" visual novel (english transtrated) and upload on youtube.

you guys watching it?!/sangyuan.c…

i hope all of 'Gundam SEED A-STAR' fan's visit!
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Star wars seed chapter 2 training, reclamation and
Kira pov
The trip from Tatooine to Alderaan was 3 days and in that time obi wan and Luke trained I watched, figured out what do but the old man more or less refused to train me himself. It was something about Jedi masters can only take on apprentice. The thing was my basic coordinator learning allowed me to figure out and even show Luke what he was missing. By the 3rd day obi wan figured it would be easier to teach the both of us, Luke and I took turns mastering deflecting laser fire with a the light saber I got it down first after an hour Luke did the same. Looking at the light saber I wondered how Jedi managed to beam sabers so small neither side or orb managed to do the same but I guess there was never a need when you could build mobile suits.
I wondered what everyone would say when I could manage to either make a machine to completely assemble my gundam. I think I could make due with a few catapults for fighters. I could never get those on Tatooine but I might be able to manage som
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star wars seed part 1 chapter 1
Star wars seed part 1 the 2 hopes
This is my first star wars story I decided to cross this with gundam seed with fem kira paired with Luke set after seed destiny and between rogue 1 and new hope kira shows up. Kira will gain use of normal force powers but seed mode her powers will hit force unleashed star killer levels. Kira will use a new gundam called impulse freedom which is a more powerful version of impulse with the split-up features standard impulse had.
Chapter 1 fates line up
Kira pov
We where simply testing a new ship, one that could travel faster and further than any other a ship that make holes in space to reach the other side of the galaxy and beyond in moments but I never thought it would reach a galaxy far far away and long long ago. The first test of the wormhole drive was a failure and the 2nd test took the ship farther than we dreamed but during some kind of space battle between 2 forces using ships the size of which we never thought could happen. Our ship winding up b
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Andrew x Lalah by V1EWT1FUL Andrew x Lalah :iconv1ewt1ful:V1EWT1FUL 60 58 doujin preview 21 by michelous
Mature content
doujin preview 21 :iconmichelous:michelous 83 9
Kyla Patricia by csy5150 Kyla Patricia :iconcsy5150:csy5150 24 1 Illiana Esther by csy5150 Illiana Esther :iconcsy5150:csy5150 27 0 GSA - PHASE-1 by csy5150 GSA - PHASE-1 :iconcsy5150:csy5150 14 0 Rane Viola by csy5150 Rane Viola :iconcsy5150:csy5150 30 1 TSX-01-X1 TRIAS-12 by csy5150 TSX-01-X1 TRIAS-12 :iconcsy5150:csy5150 24 0 GSA - PHASE-3 - Last by csy5150 GSA - PHASE-3 - Last :iconcsy5150:csy5150 18 2 Aaron Deva by csy5150 Aaron Deva :iconcsy5150:csy5150 22 2 GAT-X188 FA-ZIHARD by csy5150 GAT-X188 FA-ZIHARD :iconcsy5150:csy5150 67 9 Gundam SEED A-STAR Vol.3 by csy5150 Gundam SEED A-STAR Vol.3 :iconcsy5150:csy5150 90 8 Esther n Luna by csy5150 Esther n Luna :iconcsy5150:csy5150 83 6 TSX-01-X1 TRIAS-3D by csy5150 TSX-01-X1 TRIAS-3D :iconcsy5150:csy5150 30 1 TSX-02R Garland-8 by csy5150 TSX-02R Garland-8 :iconcsy5150:csy5150 56 3



Official Website (Korean Only): Here

Former alliance soldier, Sung Ju Nam, lives with the dispair of watching his mother die at the battle of Yakin Due when her ship, which was stationed in the front lines towards Yakin Due, was destroyed in GENISIS's wake. But this was his life. Growing up he lived to become a solider because that's what people in his family did, lived and died as soldiers, however, it didn't make his mother's death any easier to accept. After passing the military's pilot test, he began working for Tria Industries, an upcoming and innovative logistics company, as a pilot.




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