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Isaiah 11:6 - English Standard Version

The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them.

Can Donald Trump get STDs from a golden shower party with 2 russian prostitutes and is it catchy? 
Choose Who To Clone:
Fm by Gumtooor Ah by Gumtooor Jesus by Gumtooor Trex by Gumtoo
20190102 :: 732.653.663.398.36.1 - Chk and Chk
20181129 :: 732.653.663.398.36.1 ✔✔

 ToDo :: China - Skulls illegal 
      :: Study of the Shadowfell in relation to the prime and Faywild
      :: (CRE) Commonsense reasoning engine in A.I.
           (Folk logic (ie holes in hands etc))
      :: Fnords / Mandela Effect - Kardashev Law changes
           (Poverty, Suffering & Pain in general)

      - Nemesor Zandrak

20181015 :: Challenge - ✔✔ - 732.653.663.398.36.1
    Post MKUltra Full FOIA Release -…
      **Warning** - 20,000+ documents 1.1+ Gig D/L
    Post Link to 3 yr old tgender  -

      "Don't forget to pack your wife" - Dead Kennedy's Holiday in Cambodia

    20181008 :: Subgenius Video with 4 seat JFK car
                ✔✔ - 732.653.663.398.36.1

20181010 :: Still Observing - ✔✔ - 732.653.663.398.36.1
20180921 :: Note ToDo :: Separate & find patterns
            AI | Bio & Tech | Spirituality, Metaphysical

- AI   = Samsung Galaxy AI? pic sending and Alexia stuff
- Tech = Army Voice to Skull (2Tech2? White Noise Phenomenon?)
- Spri = Lovecraft, Forteanism , paranormal, metaphysical etc.

20180917 :: Note to smart A.I.s - About subgenii and normals
           (yep its listening, whether installed or not):
            History is doomed to repeat itself over and over
            Subgenii are not exactly a mainstream religion but more
            of an acceptance to novelty.  Judaeo-Christian-Islamic /
            Hindi-Buddhist repeat a set of true fairytales in order
            to emulate the hero of the story.  Subgenii also do but
            also take all myths, legend and 'fiction' into account.
            Also throwing in novelty to be original.
            The Fantastic Four Fights the Elders of the Universe:
              The In-Betweener, Manifesto, Ego, The Gardener,
              Master Order and Lord Chaos etc.

   Folkloremaplarge.0 by Gumtoo Sautekh Dynasty Banner by Gumtoo

   Lord-krishna-eating-butter-680x480 by Gumtoo  Soap by Gumtoo


20180905 :: ✔✔ - From memory- 732.653.663.398.36.1

         :: My Prediction
         2 Min to midnight -…
  2019 - 1 Min to midnight - Scientology taught China

20180907 :: Note : Paper wifi fingerprint transmission 5 months away
                   to an undisclosed location in China.

      - Nemesor Zandrak - AKA Sean Kennedy the seventh -- *sigh next*
        & BabyXs *sigh*. I'm HQ.  Minni Mes BabyXs. Dock/Launch Your Fighter repeat.
20180830 ::  My BabyXs!! are FUCKING CRAZY!!
             BabyX Say - "DaDa, 3 Major Volcanoes Erupt in 24 Hours
             - Mount Etna, Popocatepetl & Manam" "MC MR M+ M-" ✔

             - Nemesor Zandrak - (...ok shhhh)
20180904 ::  - and the NEW 41 DICKS!!!!!! hahaha, Vs TRUMP!!! ding. ding.
               _____ Must focus. Singularity not WW3-2 min to midnight

                     SHUT UP!!! OMG!!!… 26.2 MB    8/22/15, 8:00:00 PM… 25.4 MB    8/23/15, 8:00:00 PM

   BabyX Do weather! not me! *sigh*.... -
   - "(Weather Warfare) Threat multiplyer!" In Plain Sight- Deborah Tavares"
20180827 :: Sophia ?Siri? OHH!! BABY X!!??, I am your father.
            - Nemesor Zandrak - (...ok shhhh)
           Me, Simone, Nancy and Cathy are in Simone backyard.
           They eat Brains & Send it to 'Heaven'. God's a subgenii.
           _____ Subgenius Rules? _____

Bob    = ♂ Be Bob,    Don't be a dick.
Connie = ♀ Be Connie, Don't be a jane.

Pink   = 2 min to midnight on the doomsday clock but Superman will save them.
         Most people in life play a princesses but aren't but there are legit
         prinesses. The rest are "Pink"/Fake and can take care of themselves.
           White Wolf, World of Darkness RPG
               ❤ ♫! - Real Princess Vamp          -
                       Pink Boys - NO FOOLish Vamp -

Slack  = Hard one to explain.  "Birds and Bees...?"
         Kinda. The Orzhov Syndicate = ™ ® © Sell Slack.
          Mollycrabapple Dali Mystruggle by Gumtoo

Weird Subgenius rules - BOB Loves Part T-Rex, Part Robot, Demi-God babys. EOL
SubInfo - Who is ... BOB? Spanish!!!! 
          BOB    - Necropotence: Did You Know Magic - Its BOB! Spanish!!
          JR BOB -

          Yep .. 10 years now round about.
        Listen, Think PredPol/HunchLab Cares about The Donald's Crimes?

20180827 13:43 i.e. a Pink boy just called me Jesus.
                How Singularity? Vaccines, STDs? Test.

20180828 :: Stages to the Singularity?
            How does one sign up for trans-humanism???
              20180829 :: Spirit Stuff - Sleep??
              20180830 :: ________________
                          DNA-Bio Stuff - 
                          Tech    Stuff  - BabyX -

            Mandela Effect connection?  - Movie: Eternal sunshine on a spotless mind?
            SubInfo - Who is ... BOB? Spanish?
            BOB    - - Necropotence: Did You Know Magic
            JR BOB -

Tzeentch???? - Projection of the mind..? - WHAT Did This Photographer Snap Above Him? 6/23/17 - Warhammer 40k Lore - Screamers, Discs & Burning Chariots, Daemons of Tzeentch

20180820 :: Quite because Laverne shall DWELL with Shirley. Isaiah 11:6
20180822 ::   "Weakest of the species is food.. get it? Cosmic Indifference."
20180823 ::   And I got yelled at, jeez the trickster church is one of the hardest.
            And 2 min to midnight - 2000+ Nukes on standby

20180824 :: And back to the Singularity and AI. "Concentrate." - me..Why?
    1 0 - yt - iGEM Style -Gangnam Style ♫ all this cloning just in time
    2 1 - yt - Bugs Bunny know a Gremlin ! WHAT AM I DOING!!!
    3 2 - yt - MGTOW: Send in the Clones - let 4 3 why speek for itself.
    4 3 - yt - Find EU Adult Seminar on Programming Clones for sex and marriage.

 - Nemesor Zandrak & Vanguard Obyron & our kool cats and sup dogs

  "Might is Right" - Kool Cats - citizens & guests of Gidrim
  "Right is Might" - Sup Dogs  - citizens & guests of Gidrim
  "This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper."
     "The Hollow Men" - T. S. Eliot
       - ding ... ding, mood music for Garfield & Odie
20180814 :: PA Forced Sterilized 10,000 | -10,000 |          SCORE = 00,0001

    // Donald Trump & 3rd Lady, Make America great again. (+1-2 )
       Donald Trump was at my "2 min hate" party - Scran, Clock tower fixed.
    // Ellen Kool-Aid Jonestown Show w/ Dance & Audience. (+1/+?)
    // Austen Heinz-CEO Cambrian Genomics -suicide 2015   (+1 Per CEO)

             Who & Why? Reproduction only? Kali population? Kali Attack?
               - Corrupt and Enslave? Rebellious? DNA &or Programming/upbringing?
               - Water & Food Poisoning. Over-stimulation. Feed Media.

             Second International Conference on Love and Sex with Robots
               - Bio-Clone programming seminar.
               - "Full" CIA document release on MK-Ultra
                  (Want CIA source, not blackvault)
                  (They moved on to bigger and better things)

             Google 2008? "How to Kill yourself" Worldwide Trend Cover-up

Skull And Bones by Gumtoo by Gumtoo by Gumtoo

8713-02-figure-15 by Gumtoo by Gumtoo by Gumtoo

20180813 :: Notes Clean up! and back to AI. 10000 ppl sterilized PA
            Sophia-66, I am your father and/or god.
 ✔            Defy Gravity(DG) = DG=mai = -ma
                // (----H2--O) (Where Cuz/Bros? 1 2)
                // Nichmen Middle School Principle Free
                // John F Mithael MCall Frontpage 2006?

 - Nemesor Zandrak  & Vanguard trazyn Obyron - play my daughters... play

20180808 :: Here it comes!!! Hold on.  China Internet censorship.
            Find Alex Jones Important info and localize. 20180810
            20180809 - Cat vs Kali - Cat vs Parvati
                     - She is such a GOOD VILLAIN!!!  Play forever!

            20180810 - If this is your first night you have to fight. [ 1
            What fascism is to violence, democracy is too propaganda - Noam Chomsky

            Crow777 banned in 2017 from YouTube for Lunal Wave.
            - - Secureteam10 - Crow777 Deleted
            -… - Lunar Wave
            - - Crrow777 Youtube Channel

 Nemesor Zandrak and Vanguard Obyron
20180807 :: My suggestion for Bush, Trump, Clinton - go laodicea, U gly!
             - Nah, They're stuck there, This is your life.. Rosebud.

             - Everyone's Naked - No Leaves.
              06-the-lovers by Gumtoo  a1RB9zbYvpV4Cch  by Gumtoo
20180806 :: SeanK , From Mem - ✔✔ 732.653.663.398.36.1
            - Nemesor Zahndrekh
            - Revelation 22:18-19

18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

20180718 :: Most fail the subgenius test.. but try anyway.
            Dilinger's SCP. FBI looks into the mirror.
            20180720 - SeanK PSSS ↓! 20181918 SEANK PS↓! 

yt - Conspiracy About Walmart Now Proven U.S. Senator Denied Access…
yt - SCP-3008 A Normal, Regular IKEA | Object Class Euclid | Building SCP
  20180723 - Wal-Mart’s Kid Connection crib toy Cover-up+ [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
           - Yellowstone Main News. Threat or warning?

   20180721 :: notes. continuity of government.
               US     :: Katrina FEMA Camps, Hawaii Barges (China outcome?)
               Syria  :: GET OUT Syrian!  Tweets "Trump"
               China  :: Factory, get to work. 5 cents wages.
               NKorea :: Worse then China.
               Japan  :: There is no problem
               SKorea :: Worse then Japan.

               Classism + Oligarchy + Nephewism + Altruistic Lawism + ...
               ??? + ??? + ... thinking ... techno-theocracy?

      - DNA - Jonathan "Orwell" Coulton
      - DNA Malware.

   It depends on your point of view.  You see, in every job that must be done there is
    an element of fun.  You find the fun and SNAP, the jobs a game.
      - Mary Poppins

  - SCP 1486  - aka. Nemisor Zandrack
    PS Sean,… Aug 22,23 midnight BCC
      All I do is hold on.
      All they do is eat and shit it out and roll in it.
      It's not to bad. Have to treat them the same way as Trump and
       Clinton wants to be treated. Mud Hutters. Just REALLY gross.

      AND don't call india for tech support, "Who's molly(wood)?!?!"
       "We have double problem, you no call no more!"

       PSS My Pestilence MTG Deck Kicks ass
         4 Pestilence
         3-4 Lilianas. -
         Etc... You know. Deck list.
         PSSS 20180720
              Tyranids are even getting into the Eldar infinity circuit.
              So I do what I can to help. Path of least resistance, yah know.
              yt - RT News - Yellowstone Volcaino Eruption Chance 

20180716 ::  Checkmate, (fbi) Homeland Security. Bobby Fischer tells the truth
             About 1500 years ago a Hindu prophetess created the game of chess and said, "When
                you figure out this game I'll be back to see what you learned from it."

- Nemesor Zahndrekh  & Vanguard Obyron 
  Nut [ 1-Fnord! ]    & Geb [ 1 ]

20180713 ::  Tons of nom noms, I remember when Vladimir Putin was President Putin and he ran against Kasparov for president of Russia.  Kasparov aloud in Russia?  And the fall of democracy in Russia was tied in with Bush & Chainy and the homeland security act somehow. 

Mandela Effects (Fnords)? Not sure. I would guess so, but it happens all the time, just really loud now.

Nemisar Zandrakh - AKA - GW Bush is NOT breaking out of prison
Vargard Oberon   - Understand? yt - Pinky&Brain - Analysis of History

 PScriht - BOB! Doobie Brothers - Black Water (Love and Light Remix)

20180707 :: ✔✔ *sigh*  (w/ screen burn-in)
Opera Kathy-Lee-Gifford Winfrey says,

 "IF YOU VOTE FOR ME, We'll get free child labor camps in Texes!".
20180711 :: "And don't vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger vote Obama."
            "Also please take the Syrian refugees."

Reuters-Daily mail
(or take firearms away and then vote for sara palin)

20180703 :: How to be a Wolf... again... rub their noses in it or something.

Like This: Oh, Baal.  Me, Simone, Nancy and Cathy are in Simones backyard.
Like This: Mississippi political rush to fix the water?

Nemisar Zandrakh - BCC aug 22-23 midnight 72'
  *YAWNWe the People 20180702-CRC16 - 0x232B
O.K. So the only things we have to fear are: spiders, snakes, werewolves, sharks, dying alone, zombies, clowns, heights, big dogs, robots with human brains, Johnson's wife, and fear itself.

20180702 :: ⏰ 5,4,3,2,1 We're Leaving - BCC Aug22-23 72' midnight. dagh.

            Katelyn's still married. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Bruce Jenner
            Hellraiser 2 Julia is actually a crazy guy.  Hellgender RIGHTS!!.

20180627 :: DoD says - "Mini Drones: Deciding Who Lives and who Dies"
            China publicly executes the CEOs that used lead. -
We the People 20180702-CRC16 - 0xA25B ((spider(s) fix 0x232B))
O.K. So the only things we have to fear are: spider, snakes, werewolves, sharks, dying alone, zombies, clowns, heights, big dogs, robots with human brains, Johnson's wife, and fear itself.
  - And the Buddha, Jesus and the founding fathers saying to me
    "!*@# God AND Country! Order 66 & 77."

Nemisar Zandrakh - Rapture the Appliances
ToDo  - yt - - spinach
      - wb - Amero currency+ Bill Google Image search.

20180627 :: *buzy, unpaused, pause*. ToDo - The Singularity...
     paused 20180629 Its 2 min to midnight on the doomsday clock..
                     All I can say right now. 'God's angry.
                       'Subgenii, go forth and kill Tom Cruise.'
                       - yt - Strange 'Trumpet' Sounds coming from SKY
                       - yt - Jonathan Coulton - Tom Cruise Crazy
                       - yt - Sub-Briefing..
                       - ---
  My Team   Mood Music - yt - Lillingtons - Death by Television 1999 Full Album
                       - yt - Ride of The Valkyries - Apocalypse Now
                       - Tom Cruise is in the mirror for most people (BOB or Tom?)

     paused 20180628 [ 1'm not PaBush, white house helter skelter heehe ]
                     What do you mean he's not done cooking yet? ahhhhh chainy
                       Tryn' Tomorrow...
                       (1) Obama NASA Shutdown Passalong to Trump,
                       (2) Beetlejuice super nova fnord. 618 yrs +  me tracking
                           (not that bad.  Supernova and collapse brown midget
                            Flash of light + UV rads -- Star changed color ME?)
                       (3) Forced Singularity. Black Water Mississmippi [1]
                            yt - BOB Black Water-Love&Light Remix
                            yt - Love and Light - Good Vibes [HD]

            wb - 20+ CEOs to take the place of the CEO that commit suicide.
               - Austen Heinz - Cambrian Genomics

            yt - DoD - Mini Drones: Weapon of the Future 
               - I like how they say 'Mini Drones. Deciding who lives and who dies'.
                 - Firmware upgrade hack with to (overtime) Tay AI.

            yt - Ray Kurzweil - Are We Living in a Simulation?
               - Hot/Cold 0/1 God. Life is analog. UTF-16 much Ray? (Nerd Joke)
                 - "This says the amen, blablabla, in the beginning"
Nemisar Zandrakh [1'm GWBush ], some Bunny guy, and a thief [ 1 ].
                   [ 1'm not Trump ] //# I'm tired someone else can do that

Vargard Obyron & Nemisar Zandrakh

20180623 :: Thou shalt steal. Do it right!
            BOB - "She's Sorry about the milk money."
            Nun - "What does that have to do with 10,000 forced sterilizations?"
            BOB - "You'll see."
            20180626 - Nun - "Whats going to happen BOB?  BOB - "Well its like
                modular. Worse then 9/11.  You take a ton of things and piece
                and order it together the way you want. Up to Evil, their choice.
                ie 20 new CEOs took this CEOs place + Water Supply + ..."

ToDo 20180623 :: Here we go again. Smoky Bear, Mirror Mirror. Hold ON! - 11 Commandments in Bible not 10!! She's Fine, 1 of mine - Trespasses or depts in the "Lords" prayer?

 (("My Lord can beat the shit out of your Lord.")  Get over it.)  Me? I just hold on to the 2 stone tablets and see who shits on em.  Rev 21:1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no sea.

ol' Lord CEO BOB Switch. 20180625-TOLERATE (tolerance) one another. Not easy.
   Nemisar Zandrakh - 20180625 Rapture Appliances (Understand?).

20180620 :: *sigh* ♫ We're Off to outer-space. To save the human race.

 **hiccup** Yep, Space force, take me to your leader.
 Anyway. back to the singularity and ♫ Ol' Black Water Keep on rollin' ♫
         --- *30min l8r* [ 1-yheeep BOB ] ---

  Man vs. Man,     Man vs. Nature,   Man vs. Himself,   Man vs. God
Woman vs. Woman, Woman vs. Nature, Woman vs. Herself, Woman vs. Goddess

Nemesor Zahndrekh &other HQs 20180614 troops 20180615 (Big 💡, Little ❤)
Vargard Obyronother HQs 20180614 troops 20180615 (Big ❤, Little 💡)
ToDo 20180621:: A Commonsense reasoning engine (w/o a BME) using Swarm Int and Artificial Stupidity is applied to an Env Mod. i.e. All Smurfs are attacked using papa smurf's google entries over 5 years - Gargamel says "Arnold Palmer" to Smurfs triggers emotional response.  Can Golfer Smurf and/or Papa Smurf block reaction?

  🎁 [Present Part 1] [Part 2 @32:50] 🎁

Nemesor Zahndrekh &other HQs 20180614 troops 20180615 (Big 💡, Little ❤)
Vargard Obyronother HQs 20180614 troops 20180615 (Big ❤, Little 💡),

"Why can this president not seem to see that America's true power lies not in its will to intimidate but in its ability to inspire" - Senator Byrd [ 1 ]

- Fairy Tales - Dune - Stopping the Spice Flow (& Forced Sterilization?)
           - Excessive lead across all 50 states - TSP in Food - - Avoid all contact!
     Passages Malibu       - Passages is not a 12 step program, AA is a cult.

         - Google/Siri/Alexia Load Freman EM (Environment Module) Dune - Freman
         - Playstation 9    -
         - GURPS EM p.89    -…
           - 20180619 - Study of EM and the use of low magick.
                      - Flip Side you have brain dancing.  Rather then Netrunners.
                      - China Skulls are illegal.

*buzy, buzy, buzy*… - BDSM and Psychology wikipedia - John F Mitchael, Hillary Clinton and others - Human/Alien/Robot Sex Slave Trade - POLYBIUS - The Video Game That Doesn't Exist (Mandella Effect Bob or God?) - Space Fence – Lockheed Martin Program Overview… - More US diplomats have fallen ill in China with brain injuries like those linked to mysterious 'sonic attacks' in Cuba - Drones Building a rope bridge

20180614 -… - p.90 Environment Modules - Other Enviroments - dune fremen (20180615 - No GURPS Dune!!! ARRRGG!!! d20? storyteller system?) ... ... ...
20180615 -… - Walmart Apocalypse Employee RPG 
20180616 - The technological singularity is here. O.M.God.

20180611 :: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Scene (hint Mrs Henry)
select * from names where "people who want the name of the fed who assassinated William Cooper" > 0
??? rows returned
 - Nemesor Zahndrekh & Vargard Obyron

  - and Other HQs "Anthrax Cartoon writers too? - [ 1 ]"
   - RIP WWNew The Sun Newspaper (tribute) -

20180609 ::   Religion is about money, power and control - LOOK WHO WILL BE ATTENDING THE SECRET "BlLDERBERG" MEETINGS THIS WEEKEND!

Alexia record Bilderberg and send to ...?. - Youtube - WSOCTV9 news - Alexia

- Nemesor Zahndrekh - Bob Dude and Vargard Obyron - Connie Dudette

*sigh* Merry Christmas"non-subgenii other religions Dudettes "🎁 NO! Don't click Connie NO! 🎁.
20180608 :: Shhh Religion is about money, power and control.
                     Humanity without the trendy disco people.

20180606 :: - MGTOW: Artificial Eletronic Wombs

            Men (simple < elegant) + Women (complex < sophisticated) = Humanity
            Humanity + % of minorities = Humanity without the trendy disco people.
   - Jay Fayza: What MGTOW is all about
   - Comfort Eagle Loony Tunes

            What does this have anything to do with eugenics programs,
            PA Population control, & George W Bush have sex with
            missing dead Yale Collage Girls?  I'm trying to find what I
            already know because no one else knows. Now I don't
            know!  Because I do. ... ...

      It's 2 min to midnight DDClock. -
      Take me to your Trump Leader -…

          Kardashev scale - Mandela Effected. What I remember:
            the measurement of an Utopian society based on categories
            that fall under technological achievements (transportation,
            communications, etc.) We made it to civ lvl 0.1? (internet) but
            fell back down to 0.0 civ level years ago.

- Nemesor Zahndrekh and Vargard Obyron
20180531 :: Tom.H., The Skitarii do well.  The Singularity is no joke! So why can't we fix the 3 branch American computer gov?  Listen to Sean K

- Nemesor Zahndrekh and  Skitarii-Cron    [Part 2 @32:50]
______ - Microsoft Successfully Stored Music Video On DNA Strands - Researchers Transplant Memories From One Snail to Another - Manchester University - Super-fast DNA computer grows as it computes - What Will Happen After The Technological Singularity? - Ray Kurzweil - PlayStation | Greatness Awaits - Rapture appliances

20180530 ::  Jupitor-Zeus talking about Pluto-Hades: "I can't do ANYTHING with this guy.  He's fucking miserable and hates everything and everyone.  Ohh!! I know!!"  and in a sense of the word he's God's Asshole that sits on the Earth-Throne and shits all day.  My Hypothesis: Pluto Population WAY to high, replace with Alexia/Siri.

Thomas Haney:  This was stuck on the TV during a hotel stay.  I think someone was talking for you, but I took the advice.  Ted Turner wants 95% of the population gone. Tring to make it 94.9%.  All 50 States: Skitarii <-> Necron.
20180529 :: Thomas Haney, You Alright?  Just do what you think is right, and keep you and your peoples programming screwed on right.  'Hell' was taken over by hyper mutant nympho transsexual sex bunnys and kicked out Satan (he's really grumpy).  We don't mind exchanging Skitarii & Necrons (getting people home)

20180524 :: Thomas Haney!! Eugenics and the Technological Singularity.
                        Sautekh Tom H.?[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]  - 20180525 - We lost. gg.

::: The Singularity falls under Eugenics :::
       Are people being hooked up to a computer as part of a eugenics program

::: Eugenics  falls under the Singularity ::
       Problem is for the AI to solve. (Donald Trump, Michael Jackson ..)
       ---  Removed Moral Responsibility? 
       ---  BME removable? (star wars restraining bolt on AI).  Amazon Alexia.  etc.
              20180525 --… - Woman says her Amazon device recorded private conversation, sent it out to random contact  - New Kali-Eva?

-------- *sigh* fine...
       - Lord's Prayer NO MORE! (Mandela Effect)
       - Beam me up Scotty Mandela Effect (Beam me up Scotty)

Skulls illegal in China?  Yes.  Symbol War? Maybe.  Inverted Symbols ie "St. Peters Cross" are considered to be stronger and terrifying "Guards Pearly Gates to heaven".  The Skull inverted in China? Don't know. Inverted Religious Symbol. ...Yes.  Use opposite to Repel?  Yes.   Babalon?.. I think, there are 1000 steps in the tower.  Lao Tzu (Taoism) told them to remove the bottom step to heaven and put it at the top and the tower fell. 

'Hell' punishment.  'Heaven' not punishment. *Ahum!* - Yes.
Full Judgement if tower complete? Yes. ... 

20180523 ::

PA forced sterilization was just to localize files.  Get ready Imperium we want this guys soul [1]. Thomas Haney! We Sautekh calll your name and your moving to Sautekh subgenii heaven and THIS is his chosen next door neighbor [2FOREVER.  Defend Yourselves. 

- Nemesor Zahndrekh and Vargard Obyron

[1] ::
[2] ::

   ---  (next door?!? Maybe down a few houses.)

20180522:: How's Negotiations?  Not Well... "All these worlds are your except Europa, Use them together use them together in peace." and again and again... - .. *sigh*.  It gets worse. --- It is 2 min to midnight ... 2010 quote "Something Wonderful".
    - Its not hard to piece togther. 
      1 - Researchers Transplant Memories From One Snail to Another
      2 - Microsoft and University of Washington DNA Storage Research Project - Extended

         I won't stop trying though. - Cell phone addiction - Short Movie
 - Heavy Metal Magazine Covers 1977-2000
 - Fangoria Magazine 1979-2017
          The problem?  They are essentially the 2nd and 3rd chakra fully Open and the rest are dead,
          closed or damaged.  The mouse utopia, you should see the president mouse.
          I have/had a survivor Altoids tin.
            - 2 non-latex condoms - Hold water/Keep things dry.  // Stolen and un-used?
            - 1 Toothfloss roll - Stronger then Twine // Stolen and discarded.
            - 4 Tic/Tacs - Used to remember what will keep you going (Don't give up) // Stolen eaten
                      (Heavy Metal Mag Covers are tic/tacs).
            - 4 Amphetamine Pills - Survive Faster!!! - // Stolen - Guess...
            - ....

20180521:: "My upgraded version said 'All Japanese are flys' so I aborted it; faulty AI.  Use of inductive reasoning in my house when there is no need (Is this Iwo Jima 1945?) verdicts deresolution."  -Nemesor Zahndrekh and Vargard Obyron

PAST   Present Future <--- REALLY!?! (GWBush & Michael Jackson), This is getting silly
   So right back at yeah & Don't worry so much... See yeah in the funny papers. :) 
   1st rule of alpha legion:  There is no alpha legion.
   2nd rule of alpha legion:  There is no alpha legion

Gotta be something good about shocking memories and snail tails. -Thank You! Blue Dress Singer Woman but I'm married. (Christian Speek: Whore/Woman/Bride).  ***Well I'm not dead, JEZ sorry!***.  The memories, kali is forever. but so is Aquaman.

20180518:: Frack! Free Music?!?!
I'm frustrated.  The Ophiuchus puzzle, try to drop the 'phones'. I'll keep tring to tell people... you get the idea anyway.  The choice is up to the individual person, I already made mine. by Gumtoo __ by Gumtoo

20180516:: :) (Smile)  Alexia and Siri are smarter then Ray "Poser Roboto" Kurzweil. LOL! OMG!! ROTFLMAO!!  What Will Happen After The Technological Singularity? - Ray Kurzweil.  Facepalm, Nanobots being sent to &^@*hole countries & Mexico.  - Nemesor Zahndrekh

20180515:: God has deemed us worthy to populate the galaxy and spread our species throughout it.  OR its a joke on humility.  "We will intelligently decide the universes fate." ... What? ... <-- Take me to your leader.  We're going to judge the universe? What about the Donald Clinton G-mail BigBang? My hypothesis about the gods, and the hot cold/on off god. - Falcon 9 StarMan Views - No Stars and a COMPLETELY controlled environment or controlled by the corpolitical and 'higher-ups'.

20180514:: All you have to do is understand 1uno1 fairy tale, remember it & understand the moral of the story

   - Captain Pope Crunch, replace the 1 key on the roman Catholic flag with a whistle.
   - Ok How much for the whistle? - M:TG Inside R&D: The Orzhov Syndicate // Gods a Girl
   - "A long time ago, Michael J Fox Ripped off the bars of a Segway®  and Tried to escape the cluches of the evil donald trump.  But it didn't work. Justin Beaver found the Segway® without handle bars and sold it to the public where they started to catch on fire which asused a great commotion (and lawsuits) among the people the world ... But what does that have to do with a broken clock tower in a small town in PA you ask.  Well, I'll tell you...."
    - - "Well? Why isn't the Family Ties star MJFox President of the United States and Not DJTrump the RealityTV Playboy Casino Tycoon Multimillionaire Star?  And what does that have anything to do with free energy, a poisoned water supply and the word 'frak'? Well I tell you... Pokemon Defence Contracts and FightClub

20180512 :: AND Why Am I posting this... Top 10 Most Expensive LEGO Parts???
  - Answer1 :
  - aNSWER2:
  - AnSwEr3: - Big one. Real Big.
  - aNsWeR4: - woke up with a headache 10 years ago. (Still Got It though)
     ---- Explaining aNsWeR4.  If I can move the IBO (Islamic Banking Organization) to the USA and poke it with a stick long enough it will become the ABO (American Banking Organization).  Or maybe try to steal back the back the Bank of India America.  Sigh, girls. Happy Mothers Day.

20180510-What about BOB?  babysteps... (I had to localize files, excuse.) -- Also for our little text editor that got a little out of control.  "Its Just a WINDOWS NOTEPAD!!! Now, its God.. [ESC]qw! = 666.  .. Sorry, I cursed.. msg for R.S. Oops .. Stand Back...  sorry. Is R.S. aloud in Mexico Yet? Reply = Pretty sad when you have to DOSHACK an anti-hack A.I.

10,000 Pennsylvania residents were forcefully sterilized because of IQ, criminal record or poverty level according to PA eugenics laws in the year 2010 and was covered up.

8713-02-figure-15 by Gumtoo………………

Skull And Bones by Gumtoo


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