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Jigoku .:Blast from the Past:. by GummyRush Jigoku .:Blast from the Past:. by GummyRush
"I'm so tired of you lot"

Name: Jigoku (yes.)
Species: Panther
Age: 20

A family grudge that went on for too long left him with no choice but to kill his entire family. Or at least that's how he justifies the whole thing. For some reason he missed his younger brother Haro in the process and even though he's not actively looking for him, it'd be nice to get rid of him as well. 

He was my mandated "I'm so edgy" character. A black panther who can control shadows at will. I liked him a lot and I sorta wanted to make him the worst villain ever. Somewhere in the way he got a girlfriend though???

"Estoy harto de todos ustedes."

Nombre: Jigoku (si)
Especie: Pantera
Edad: 20

Una pelea familiar que duro mucho tiempo no le dejo otra opcion, obviamente tenia que matar a toda su familia. O al menos asi se justifica las cosas a si mismo. Por alguna extraña razon se le paso su hermano menor, Haro, quien se salvo. Aunque no lo esta buscando, le pareceria bueno deshacerse de el tambien.

Este fue mi personaje edgy de a fuerzas que todos debemos hacer. Una pantera negra que controla las sombras. Me gustaba mucho y lo queria hacer tipo villano terrible y malvado. ¿En algun momento se encontro una novia segun yo?
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