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Character Sheets .:Sketch:. by GummyRush Character Sheets .:Sketch:. by GummyRush
I've drawn these guys a lot in the past 2 weeks, so I decided to go ahead and put up their character sheets. They're all pretty sketchy, but I just needed to have something to reference :) 
From top to bottom:

Damian, an incubus that's also a huge jerk. Works as a bouncer and takes a little too much pleasure in doing his job.
Selena, a sucubus that you really shouldn't mess with. Bartender at the same club as Damian, will definitely knock your teeth out if you try anything funny.
Abel, a boy with a bit of an anger management issue and a LOT of piercings. 

that plus a little bit of a practice sketch xD 

He dibujado a estos tipos un buen en las ultimas 2 semanas, asi que decidi hacerles una hoja de referencia. Son mas boscetos que nada, pero no ocupaba nada complicado :) 

Desde arriba:

Damian, un incubo que es un hijo de su uta madre. Trabaja de seguridad en un antro de mala fama. Disfruta su trabajo...demasiado.
Selena, una sucubo que te partira la mandarina en gajos si te metes con ella. Bartender en el mismo antro que Damian, te sacara los dientes si intentas cualquier cosa extraña.
Abel, un chavo con problemas de enojo y un buen de piercings. 

Incluido va un bosceto de pratica xD 
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