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You came back in the fall
and I told you you could go —
already almost gone
like the deer I came upon one day,
slow breathing beside me
before it leaped. You stayed
and stayed and now the air
is crisp with lack of you.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 8 4
Clear days I can see Catalina
first hill from my house. Once
they played Rocket Man
as I hit the top, specks of oilrigs
in the ocean.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 1 0
The factories have taken the sugar cane
to themselves. In Hawaii, fields blow gold
beneath spreading blue-black thundercloud.
The grapefruit go away in cans.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 8 4
Ashley and I in Alaska
We’ll work in Alaska this summer
and in my mind we drive through cold wet wastelands
in the night, playing Physical Graffiti. Some nights
we stop at lost motels in Canada
and when we get there, I’m wearing flannels
and I’m tan. We wash dishes all day,
we swim in the lake beneath cold mountains,
the camping American families cook food
from red coolers. Her silence never reaches me.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 1 0
White Center, 1957, Mark Rothko
A woman told me once,
On weekends I drive into LA,
brave all the traffic, pay the fifteen
dollar parking, sit in front of Rothko
all afternoon.  After that I assume
she drinks slow-brewed hazelnut lattes,
listens to concertos in the Biltmore,
skydives off the Bank Tower.  
I tried to sit in front of it, tried
to see it.  The first time I saw it,
I was fifteen; I was with a brilliant woman
who studied philosophy and killed herself
at Princeton, and she said, Look,
it bleeds. He meant it to express great joy.
I could never see it after that.
I tried driving into LA, tried paying
the fifteen dollar parking, told myself,
Look, here it is, you like this.
But it was always still, and my eyes
were always filled with noise.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 4 2
Two Hundred Miles West
I sat looking west in the Mojave
and I thought of your burning, Los Angeles,
your phosphorescent nighttimes,
your heavy exhalation of industrial smoke.
I thought of your burning, Los Angeles,
and the edge of the west transfixed
in your heavy exhalation of industrial smoke.
The seeping toxins of Tijuana
transfix the edge of the West
in currents of chemical unlife.
The seeping toxins of Tijuana
are in our black breakers that role in the night.
Currents of chemical unlife
in the red drinking water of Vernon,
in our black breakers that role in the night
where America ends in the sea.
In the red drinking water of Vernon
we swallow factories for hope,
where America ends in the sea
of water pollution, light pollution.
We swallow factories for hope,
longing in the thirsty darkness
for water pollution, light pollution,
looking always West from a Mojave.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 34 23
On Monday they must have burned your fur.
Wolf dog, Sirius dog, your eyes shone motionless.
It wasn’t death that hardened your muscles,
froze your paws – it was something leaving.
It grows in flowers, moves in leaves.
It left the thick fur behind your ears last of all.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 7 6
In the morning at my grandma’s, gilt teacups
and silence, and the cats eating from bowls
in sunlight.
When I was twelve, running at midday,
the women – “Where do you go to school?”
“I don’t.”
Mornings at the studio, with the closed blinds,
the wet paint, the mineral spirits. Outside,
they’re mowing lawns.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 4 0
Kalypso's Song
I am the daughter of white-oceaned tropics.
As a child, the sun seared the waves around me
and the strength of the currents was mine.
When you came, I had already grown ancient as the sun,
felt, in my power, the infinitude of the sea.
You tore like driftwood, bled red into blue water.
Your skin sweated salt in the sun.
I am fair as the sky here, vast as the horizon.
Somewhere, some woman wept salt tears for you
and you fought the ocean seven years to find her.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 2 1
No. 3
   The leaves of the olive tree move
   behind glass.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 5 1
The sharp sunlight of late afternoon darkens.
Midway through the song, I am interrupted.
I return, after a year, to the yellow beach house.
I lose you, again and again.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 4 5
I make you soup and kiss away your cuts,
and I only wish I could bring you joy
as simply as I bring you vitamins.
I only wish you could be healed,
and I suppose that He is making you well –
but it is so slow in coming! So slow in coming,
and darling, you will suffer so much longer.
When I touch you,
I wish your suffering could fall away beneath my fingers;
when I rest my head on your shoulder,
I wish the soul you twisted sinning could breathe free.
There is a resurrection coming, dearest;
a resurrection to a glory everlasting.
Then you will hurt yourself no longer,
and He who heals bodies will heal your soul.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 1 4
You are a trajectory from which I have fallen, Moon-bound
Earth-boy. With height and speed your molecules shifted;
I dropped away by degrees — further, then further.
There must be all the sky between us now,
but I taste your dust with my fingertips,
follow afterglows.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 109 25
I've been writing a love poem
I knew it was coming, and then I knew
that I did not know what was coming.
I wrote a firm “Vesuvius” in blue block letters
everyday, for three weeks, on my forearm,
desperate attempts to steady a magmatic soul
tossed between thick eruption and a shattering aftermath of sparks.
The thin black pen felt cool and poised between my fingers.
I slowly traced in spidery ink the branching blood vessels on my wrists’ white underbelly.
There is life beneath these lines, beauty bound up in being –
Don’t you see?  Won’t you see?  I am living and breathing, beautiful, beside you.
This time I never found a pen.
I only thought, each day, of writing on my wrists, my arms, of writing everywhere,
shouting silent letters from my clothing, screaming in large white print
“I’m not here.”
I’d been searching for my old self, you see, but found
only half-hearted attempts and sadness that settled, waiting, in the night.
I guess
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 2 5
They never told me
that life is most dominated
by those times of irrational mental feeling,
when your thoughts are emotions that prey upon you,
when you lie prone, when you rush about
through the strange physicality of existence
pressed down, overcome by leaden discarnate realities,
by awarenesses that seem hardly to correspond to events.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 1 1
W. Ball Rd. and Dale St.
Dammit, kid. I missed the way you walk.
I missed your smiling purposefulness; I missed how small you are.
I’d forgotten until I saw you crossing the street to me –
shabby midday ghetto parking lot, and you
light blue in your pinstriped dress shirt,
self-contained, alert.
I pretended to read until you opened the door
because waiting for you feels like suffocating; watching you hurts too much.
And dear Jesus, I guess you didn’t know that I wanted to help you
when your small hands fumbled with your shirt collar.
Dear Jesus, kid, I guess you’ll never know how happy you make me.
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 2 2

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Daily Literature Deviations for August 8th, 2013
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Daily Lit Deviations for August 8th, 2013
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Mid-Week Inspirations: Installment 5
Hello, everyone! :wave:
Welcome to "Mid-Week Inspirations." It's a weekly prompt for those of you who might need a kick in the rear towards the middle/end of the week (I know I do.) Enjoy!
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The Saturday Spotlight for November 16, 2013
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Saturday Spotlight for November 16th, 2013
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Sonnet to Breath
about the rib. it makes sense. at Out-
back my father picks it up, gets it stuck in
his teeth, and like a brutish harpist plucks it out,
lets it settle. smoking preference? menthol. in-
door seat? the closest waterfall. they knife out
flower from vegetable. “the game” drags students in
collectively, like how a yawn moves-- uncoils out--
humanity starts rippling. how much of school was in
a herd like this? how much was ringworm? out
here is lonelier; my romance is silent. in
time I think of him and am bothered by it. out
the window steeps a sunrise. it’s five in
the morning. can he sleep? my laptop’s out
and holy Book! he’s up, but then— that rib again.
:iconformaniac:formaniac 73 28
DS-97 by DS-sanchez DS-97 :iconds-sanchez:DS-sanchez 345 9 Mother Nature by sozesoze Mother Nature :iconsozesoze:sozesoze 798 0 Venice 6 by Vincik Venice 6 :iconvincik:Vincik 1,396 64 strych 4 by olatomaszewska
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strych 4 :iconolatomaszewska:olatomaszewska 697 61
Night lights by David681 Night lights :icondavid681:David681 66 5 Brynja. by vejitatoja Brynja. :iconvejitatoja:vejitatoja 965 45 Sunset 01 by uniqueProject Sunset 01 :iconuniqueproject:uniqueProject 590 30
How was that one small step,
that toe press to the unknown world,
with dust as soft as sleep beneath
your rigid sole?
How strange to be alone.
In your airless world you walked,
a bubble man. A diver surfacing
beyond the imagination of
coelacanths and arctic squid.
You gaped like a fish, perhaps,
astounded at the airless air.
Perhaps your lips were tight,
your nostrils flared, calm
and infused with wonder.
Perhaps your heart beat harder.
You Columbus,
a launch pad your springboard,
a world of dust your new land.
I wonder if you wished to
slip your glove. To lie face flat
to your desolate ground, to sink
fingers in and grasp that silt.
To know that you were there
with a gardener's dusty hands.
:iconaconitum-napellus:Aconitum-Napellus 12 15
Lourdes and Mentos by julepe Lourdes and Mentos :iconjulepe:julepe 731 60
Laid low I see, Jackie.
My modern day Quartermain
You were my angel,
                 mountain and scripture.
I could ride the rails with you, Sal.
I could pick
the urban asphalt scabs and
                          sup on it's bitter blood.
In eyes
    k a l e i d o s c o p i c
  with delirium tremens,
the nails in my nights are sugar cane
     (a delicious forest of wonders and terror)
Jackie, Sal, Ray,
      wide-eyed child of the railroad earth and Carnivale America
dogs and rats-
Is your blood d
:iconboardwalkbhikku:BoardwalkBhikku 2 0
The Mansion by JillAuville The Mansion :iconjillauville:JillAuville 357 42
If you liked my gallery at all, look at my favorites! They're what my gallery is trying to be and I love all of them so much.

Art Feature no. 5: Animal Photography

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 1, 2012, 3:54 PM
278. by Bullter
Bee Eaters Fighting by ClaudeG
In the mist by moem-photography
Ground Squirrel Rocket by MorkelErasmus
img_7783 by dfm63
The Celestial Conductor by AimishBoy
The Warning by Pi-Unresolved
Face that speaks by luciekout
Tsavo East V by Jez92
Silhouette by amisiux
le miserable by wolf-minori

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