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'Well fuck a duck! I still managed to get myself a detention in the end. Plus it's a Saturday school! I'd rather stay after school like last time. Dumb ass, teacher.' I growled in thought, ripping the slip of paper into little piece as I made my way down the school's hallway.

'And it's all because of that ass Antonio!' My face grew red from anger as I tried to find a trash can to throw the ripped paper way. Hey, I may hate this goddamn school and everyone in it, but that doesn't mean that I will litter. Only Assholes litter.

I sighed as I quickly made my way to my next class, careful as to avoid any of my usual bullies, as well as that bastard. Luckily for me, for the first time in months, no one bothered me as I took a step into my science class, Oceanography. This was my favorite class out of all, mainly because it is easy as hell, the teacher is the only one that doesn't hate my guts, and none of my bullies have this class.

Taking a seat in my assigned seat in the front row of the class, I took out my notebook and pencils and waited patiently for the other students to slowly pour into the room.

As soon as the bell rung, the teacher, Mr. Saton, began his lecture on marine animals and that we will be partnered up with our shoulder partners on a project on two animals, one animal a benthos and the other a swimmer.

Chuckling to himself, I glancing over to my right seeing an empty seat as always as the others around me are already partnered up with their pairs.

Thankfully, Mr. Saton never paired me up with anyone and allowed me to do my projects and other assignments alone considering no one ever sat in the seat next to me before.

"To make sure other groups don't end up getting the same animals, one person from each group will pick one animal from two different hats. The first hat has the names of swimmers and the second has the benthic animals."

As he started to call up groups one by one and marking down their animals, Mr. Saton turned to my direction, a small smile on his face.

"Well today is your lucky day Lovino." I gave him a questioning look. What the hell was he talking about?

"What do you mean?" I asked. Mr. Saton pointed into the corner of the room, making me turn around hesitantly.

"He is going to be your partner."

"WHAT!?" I tried to stand up but failed as I fell out of my seat and crashed onto the floor. Mr. Saton sighed and repeated himself once more.

"But why!? Why do I have to go with that bastard? And what the hell is he even doing here in the first place!?" I began to angrily rant as my teacher calmly stood there, already use to my behavior, as well as having extreme patience with just about anything.

"I'm sorry Lovino, but he doesn't have a partner, plus he's new here so he needs as much help as he can get." Mr. Saton crossed his arm and nodded before gesturing the ass that got me a Saturday school over.

Grabbing his things, Antonio bounded his way over and sat in the seat to my right, grinning like the piece of shit he is. I sighed in deep and utter frustration. This day is just getting worse by the second.

I plopped back into my seat and slammed my head onto the desk as I tried to calm myself down. God, I could practically FEEL that idiot's stupid cheerful aura radiating off of him.

"So Lovi, what animal do you want to do the project on? I don't necessarily know what a benthos animal is, but I'm sure you will be able to tell me all I need to know~" I eye twitched furiously as I shot my head up to glare at him.

"First off, don't fucking call me 'Lovi' again! It's Lovino! Second, I don't give a shit what I do it on, as long as this shitty project gets done. And how exactly am I suppose to know, we haven't even been called up yet! And lastly, a benthic animal is a bottom feeder you, idiota! Look it up, goddamn it!"

As I went on raging at the idiot in front of me, he began to laugh loudly, causing me to stop mid-rant and look his way, my face growing red in anger.

"What the hell are you laughing at!?" Antonio shook his head and wiped a tear away, as he tried to settle himself down.

"I-It's nothing, just the fact that you are really funny is all~" My face began to softened as I gave a confused look. Before I could question him, our group was called up and I made my way over to the teacher. Before I could pick Mr. Saton stopped me.

"Please just get along with Antonio this one time, Lovino. It's just for two weeks." I scoffed at him. Just one period with this asshole is like a decade already. I nodded at the teacher and reached into both hats and dragged myself back to my seat. As I sit down, Antonio glances over my shoulder curiously.

"So what do we have?" I send him a cold glare about to yell at him when I notice how close he was to my face.

My glare instantly dropped as my eyes widened and my mouth found it hard to be able to form sentences as my face began to strangely heat up. Antonio noticed my staring and looked at me, our eyes locking into the other.






My face began to glowed redder and redder as my chest starting to feel heavy, with every passing second as we continued to look at the other.

It...It hurts.

…..What...What is this...Feeling...?

Finally being able to snap out of our little staring competition, I quickly looked in the opposite direction, my face still keeping it's redness, my lips quivering in embarrassment.

"H-How t-the hell am I s-suppose to know, you idiot! I never even got the chance t-to look at it yet!" Antonio blinked several times before closing his eyes and smiling nervously, a tint of redness appearing on his face as well.

"R-Right, sorry about that~" Not once looking his way, I slowly opened the paper and glanced at it.

"Our benthic is a clam." I said in a low voice.

'God, what the fuck is wrong with me! Why can't I talk normally damn it!' I thought angrily as Antonio nodded, ushering me to open the other one. Opening the other paper I hand it to him, making sure not to touch him in the process. Whatever this weird ass feeling is, it had to have come from him. It to have! I was just fine before he came.

"Our swimmer is a catfish." Antonio smiled and began to write down the animals, folding the papers back up and giving them back to the teacher.

The next 2 hours of the period was spent starting the project, looking up facts and writing anything that could be found in the book down, and drawing the pictures of our animals. Right as the bell rung, I sighed in relief, thankful that it was finally lunch and I didn't have to spend anymore time with Antonio for a while.

Collecting his things and making my way out of the door, I was stopped as a hand grabbed my arm. Thinking that it was someone who wanted to pick a fight, I turned around and raised my fist, about to punch the fucker in the mouth. I already wasn't in the mood, so I am pretty fucking pissed right now. However, before I could punch the daylight out of the ass, I stopped myself noticing that it was just Antonio. Groaning, I looked at him irritatedly.

"What the hell do you what?" Antonio smiled before placing something in my hand. Raising an eyebrow, I open my hand wider to see a torn piece of paper with random numbers on it.

"What the fuck is this?" Antonio chuckled before placing a hand on my shoulder.

"It's my phone number, tonto~" I looked up at him confused.

"And why the fuck would I want this?" I asked.

"For the project." He simply said.

"Oh." I muttered frowning, feeling my heart strangely drop a little. Well that was blunt as fuck!

"Well that, and because I just want to keep in touch. You know, If I ever feel lonely and need to talk to a friend~" He grinned as I stared at the number blankly.

'….Wait a second...' I thought while squinting.

"What the hell do you mean by 'friend'!" I yelled at him.

"I think of you as a friend. In fact, you're my only friend so far, I am still new after all~" He said. I looked down at the ground in utter confusion and anger. At what lengths do I have to go to get this guy to leave me alone! What is it going to take to finally it through his head that I don't and never will be his friend, nor anyone else.

Deciding on not continuing this conversation any further, I shove the paper into my pocket and sharply turn around, slowly walking my way to the cafeteria.

"Fine, I'll keep the damn number. But only because we have a project to finish, not because we are friends. Because I already told you before and I am not going to repeat it again. I don't have friends and I don't plan on ever having any in the near future." Antonio gave a concerned looked as he watched me leave until I was fully gone from his sight.

I groaned loudly and reached my hands up to rub my temples as I felt a large headache coming on. I don't know why I said that, I have only know this idiot for not even a day and i can already tell that he is the more persistent type.

I pause right in front of the cafeteria as I begin to contemplate this whole situation. Honestly, why am I so against being his friend. I mean really, this is the first person in a LONG time who has ever come up to me and hasn't done any mentally or bodily harm to me and actually wants to be FRIENDS of all things. I may never get this chance again.

"Maybe...I should reconsider..." I quietly said.

Sighing, I shake my head violently and smack myself hard, frowning sadly.

Of course it's not possible, he's just lying to you! As if anyone in the world would ever consider you a friend."

But what if he was telling the truth?

Even if he was, and you do some how became friends. He would leave you for another, just like the rest of them did.

But what if he is different then the others?

What difference? They're all the same. Every leave you, there is no point in denying it.

I lifted my hands to my throat where my scar was, closing my eyes as they began to overflow with tears.

Ever since that day you have been alone.

I began to open the doors and made my way inside, all eyes were on my figure. Sneers and snide remark float their way into my ears, hearing every last word that they uttered.

And forever alone you shall be.
Binxx763 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015
My face began to glowed redder and redder - isn't it by coinsidence 'my face began to glow redder and redder'?

I love this part when Tonio lookes over Lovo's shoulder. Very good description of emotions, even if this 'what's this feeling?' is really cliché and teenage novel romantic. Any mild-intelligent horse would see this is some attraction... though... sometimes we try o deny it...
Binxx763 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015
You know I'm patiently waiting for the next chapter right? =.=
MagdaTheHuman Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Hobbyist
AAAAAAAAAAAnd there go my feelings.
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